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People ask: How does the NEW PLB Academy help me improve my life? PLB provides an eye-opening path to examine and expand your self-awareness. Learn to see new opportunities. Expand your personal growth!

With this information, you get to Take a self-paced, elevated, 360-degree, in-depth overall view of your life and others. Take this time to plan and create self-improvement. Take action, starting today, to improve the areas of life you choose. Let’s dig into the program.

How would you rate and describe the quality and value of your life? Use a scale of 0-100 – 100 being best.

You are unique. PLB provides life questions to challenge your thinking in many different areas. Your efforts can result in wanted, beneficial, positive, and transformational change.

These next 11 short videos (Vid 2-12) and the information on this web site, provided by the Personal Legacy Builder Academy, can trigger new ideas to start a transformational life change for you. Watch the videos in sequence as each one builds on the previous one.

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By expanding your perspectives, knowledge, ideas, and levels of thinking, you can create NEW opportunities. An opportunity to better help yourself and others recognize areas of your life you want or need to improve. If you scored yourself in the above question less than 100, you have room to improve.

>>>Learn the priceless value of writing your life story to give to future generations. Imagine your great-grandchildren getting to read a letter from you. You get to teach them valuable lessons by sharing your life experiences. Help them realize they are special and unique!<<<

See what you want to improve – Take a look at the 2nd light blue box below – Look at all the self words. Also, determine how many of the questions on this web site apply to your life and life situations. Start making a list of which items you would like to change?

Finally, see if you qualify for the PLB Academy.

With new ideas and the plans you make and act on, change becomes the benefit and reward. The PLB Academy provides a process to help you go through a valuable and essential self-audit. You get to define the why, when, where, and how for acting on the change you want.

You get to look at many options to look deeper into your life so far. Build on your strengths and find ways to improve a weakness. Your needs and the needs of others can become more apparent.

 In your life and the lives of others, many unexpected obstacles appear. In-action leads to stress, anxiety, fear,  a feeling of not wanting to do anything, or feeling unwanted. A feeling of being stuck or just wanting to get through the day can be depressing. However, taking action to examine and improve your life provides a new sense of direction.

Improving yourself & creating

+positive+ change

starts the process of getting more out of life.

FIRST, the process for change in your life requires a desire, a want, and need. FOLLOWED closely by a choice, a goal, and a decision that you choose. FINALLY, you must create a plan and apply effort to your new ideas. NO ONE can do this better than you. Your time and actions invested in yourself and others become a Priceless benefit!  

Agree or Disagree: NO action results in staying right where you are at or situations getting worse.

Do you have an appetite, thirst, and need for change in your life? For a “yes” answer, the Personal Legacy Builder Academy has for you three FREE Life Challenging Gifts filled with thought-provoking life questions. This becomes part of your process to create change from your self-audit.

Some questions will hit a nerve, stretching your comfort zone. Getting NEW ideas to find your paths to create NEW positive change is essential? Self-motivation is vital. Expand your levels of thinking for personal improvement!

See your FREE gift details below.

Take the three short personal quizzes in the 2nd light green box below. How many of the questions apply to you. See why the Academy is essential for your personal growth and further development of your life skills.

Your PLB Academy is a Market Place of Life Ideas, questions, and challenging thoughts. Use them to find ways to refine and improve your life. Exercise your need and right to a personal audit.  Do you think you are too busy to improve yourself? Discover one new decision that can change your Life and Legacy. Then develop your plan and take action.

All the information in the videos, this web page, and the PLB Academy will challenge your levels of thinking to broaden your perspectives, mindset, options, and opportunities. Would you like to have new ideas to create change/improve your life?  See what ideas become triggered using simple but powerful, eye-opening life questions. Choose what applies to your situations. 

For anyone viewing this on a cell phone, read in landscape mode to get the best graphics display.  Move and click your cursor over the text boxes for the effects.

Are you open-minded?

How valuable are your choices & decisions? See the flip side.

Can one decision, idea, question, emotion, feeling, or action

CHANGE YOUR LIFE? - Let's find out - Read the BENEFIT WARNING below the next light green box.

The opening video question was: If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?  The issue and decision at this moment are: What was your response, and what action will you take? The PLB Academy is a guide and tool to improve yourself.

Write your answer down now so you can refine your ideas.

Do you want to create change to improve your life and others? Boosting, building, modifying, and refining ways to increase your personal growth is essential and rewarding.

Your next actions will help you start building higher-quality options. Action taken on your options can earn more quality out of life. Will you choose to make that effort, starting NOW?

Are you ready to take the time to examine your life to make or modify an action plan? If so, determine your what, when, how, and why?    Keep reading! On a 1 to 100 scale, 100 being the highest, how would you rate the quality of your life cycle so far?

Any score below 100 in the question above is a strong indicator you can benefit from the contents and life questions in the PLB Academy.

Do you have self-imposed limits or roadblocks? If so, what are they and why do they exist? Who is responsible for that? Are you too busy with other stuff to put a priority on self-improvement for increased happiness?

Think and evaluate your cost by not improving your self-awareness as you answer the life questions on this web site. Take an in-depth look at many areas of your life that you can choose to improve.

What are you and others missing out on in your life? Do you see value in gaining new ideas to improve your life situations? Imagine your benefits! Consider the emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual aspects of life, not to expand, refine, and invest in your self-improvement?

Are you too busy to seek the root cause and make changes to increase your happiness, success, and possibly the length of time you get to live? Again, make time to read this web page packed full of valuable life self questions. Experience the value of a self-audit. You will be amazed at what you find! Make a difference in your own life first.

Who has control over your life? What about your emotions, thoughts, and behavior? Who benefits from having you in their life? Everyone has a unique life story. (A Legacy) How will your legacy be told, remembered, and passed on to future generations??

Who will benefit from your life experiences, assets, and memories? How can you get more out of life, starting now?

Agree or Disagree: It is up to you to create a positive change in your life and to tell your story.

No one can do it better than you!

Spending the next few minutes reading this information will open up your life perspectives and expand your mindset. These actions help you find NEW ideas and opportunities to increase your happiness and success. What is the personal value to develop a new path to create new life-changing ideas? Are you ready for that challenge and opportunity?

Do you see a need and value for investing time in yourself? How important is investing quality time in other people? Every day you have an opportunity and a choice to improve? Or do you consider yourself too busy, wrapped up in other stuff? What do you miss out on by the actions you don’t take?

Take this time to get refocused on your wants, needs, goals, health, communications, life skills, relationships, and legacy building.

What was your main thought triggered by watching the 12 short videos? What have you written down? Do you want to refine those thoughts?

Most Frequent Question:

Do I qualify to enroll in the PLB Academy?

Take the 3 short personal quizzes in the 2nd light green box below. Check out all the self benefits to this program in the 2nd light blue box below. Which ones are most important to you and why?

Go through the information in Data Block #8 below. Answer the questions to see if you qualify for enrollment. For those who are eligible to enroll, register in the PLB Academy by clicking on the green word button, “I’m ready to ENROLL,” Located throughout the web site. Your third gift has a special introductory offer.

FACT: While living, you get to occupy a moment in time and space. Everyone, including you, has a life cycle, with a beginning, middle, and end. Each life cycle is full of constant change. You did not have a choice to be here, BUT from many past generations of DNA, you get to experience a life cycle. What stage are you experiencing? What plans do you have to get more out of life?  Every accomplishment you make is a result of your choices, decisions, opportunities, and actions. 

Your passing (end of the life cycle) is an unknown point in time. At that point, all your accumulated possessions will be left behind. Only your legacy remains. How will you be remembered? 

You are one of the billions of other, unique individual humans. Each person has a different fingerprint, thoughts, and emotions.

The average life span is about 78 years. All people need to co-exist in this place called planet earth. Each person gets 24 hours (a human-made term based on the earth rotation) a day, in their time bank, to prosper and make each day better. How effectively do you choose to use your time? How do you identify your purpose in life? 

 Learn and start asking yourself deeper, more complex questions. Make time now to elevate your levels of thinking, opportunity, and happiness! Engage yourself in a self-audit! Expand, modify, and refine your life goals and perspectives to create transformational change

Agree or Disagree: Believing and being true to yourself, and providing comfort and service to others, provides a purpose in life.

Earth, with a 760 mile wide molten rock iron and nickel alloy core and temperature of 10,800 degrees, is significant to us. Yet earth is only a tiny spec in a vast, cold, vacuum of outer space. Yet we receive warmth through an oxygen-filled atmosphere, from a star 93 million miles away. The earth is abundant with water and millions of unique, complex life forms. You are the most complex creature to be living. How do you view your value of life? Do you take your body, existence, and others for granted?

The universe, estimated to be 13.8 billion years old, as we know it, is unending. The universe, we call space, is filled with trillions of other stars. Many stars are hundreds of times more massive than our sun. And there are perhaps millions of planets. Are any of them capable of having life forms? All are traveling at high rates of speed through space in sequential order. So, why do they exist, and how do we fit into the mix? The universe is spanning a distance of 24 billion light-years and expanding. Can you conceive of that vast distance?

Are we the only life form in the universe?

Why do we exist?

What can we do individually to make today better than yesterday?

Why is fighting necessary?

Is there a meaning and purpose in life? If so, what? If we are the result of evolution and not designed intelligence, we call God, what is the value and purpose of life? Let’s dive deep into many of the why questions? Challenge your mindset and curiosity as you read this web page and choose to use the PLB Academy for self-improvement. 

What difference can you make to yourself and others by improving your life skills? Is there value in expanding your levels of thinking and learning? Let’s find out!

Take a journey into your self-audit. In the PLB Academy, explore life questions and improve your self-awareness. Take action to expand your opportunities. Can you be happier and get more out of life? Only you can answer that question! What will your legacy be to those who continue to live after you die?

Start today! 

Seek new adventures, perspectives, mindset, and opportunities to gain transformational change.

Again, can one decision, idea, question, emotion, feeling, or action trigger a new thought to change your life.

Take an elevated, 360-degree, in-depth view of yourself and others. Engage in your self-audit. Make time to clean out your life closets and re-organize. Expand your perspectives, levels of thinking, and ideas to understand yourself and others better. One NEW idea, thought, favorable decision and action can help you create transformational change in your life.

Are you planting different life seeds every day to enhance, extend, and enjoy your life cycle more? Each Gift is personal and essential to improve self-awareness, motivation, happiness, and success.

The PLB Academy provides e-book tools filled with questions. Also, you get workbooks to refine all your new ideas. You get to create new opportunities by increasing your levels of thinking and the questions you ask yourself. Again, it is up to you to create a positive change in your life.

No one can do it better than you!

ACT NOW – it’s your time to start creating change. Improve your life while building your legacy.

The PLB Academy is a comprehensive, self-paced, legacy building, life-management, self-improvement program. Give your self the opportunity for expanded personal growth.

Imagine creating your planned positive change? Ignite emotions in yourself and others by the choices and actions you choose to take NOW. Positive change can be priceless!

1st Light Green Box

Your 3 FREE gifts start the process of learning more about why & how the PLB Academy is an essential course, as a tool and guide for personal growth. Can one decision change your life? The gifts include:

  1. Transcript of opening video questions so you can process, record, and refine your answers
  2. Four Personal Evaluation Self-audit Exercises
  3. A Life Plan Check List and course content-outline for the PLB Academy

See the FULL description of your three free GIFTS in the 3rd light green box below, labeled Gift Box.

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BENEFIT WARNING: Your mindset, thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and comfort zone will get stretched, leading to potential transformational changes. Get excited about NEW ideas, self-purpose & self-improvement. You will not agree with everything. That is one essential element that makes you unique. But, We all have the unique ability to create positive change by the actions we choose.

  • Do your choices, decisions, and or compromise lead you to places you don’t want to be or can afford?
  • How often do you search for new life paths?
  • Are you the bottleneck to your success?
  • What is your current mindset?
  • What is your strategy for success?
  • What is your most valuable asset?

Navigating today’s complex world requires continued personal growth. It is essential to improve your self-awareness. 

Don’t take your life or others for granted as time marches on. Your actions should not be harmful, abusive, or offensive. But instead, be uplifting, inspirational, respectful, and achieving a purpose with dignity. Lead by example!

Do you want, and are you willing to make time to seek your unrealized potential? One renewed thought can bring back a flood of memories, emotions, feelings, and a new idea to create essential change in your life. Did you read the WARNING mentioned on the flip side of “Are you open-minded” above?

Take the three short personal Quiz’s in the next green box. Make time to build onto your life skills using the tools, ideas, and questions in the PLB Academy. Invest in your future happiness, successful life management, and final legacy.

Improve your self-awareness and levels of thinking.

Challenge your perspectives. Seek better health, more open communications, and stronger relationships. Review important ideas for building, writing, and leaving your priceless, lasting legacy.

Review unique, eye-opening, and life-changing ideas to enhance your life cycle. Evaluate how you got to where you are and make plans for where you want to be in 5, 10, or 17 years from now. What are your goals and plans?

Use simple secrets to re-adjust and build on your life experiences & legacy. Each Gift is a NEW concept for self-learning and a path-building system to increased happiness and success.

Do you want to get more out of your life?

Do you think you qualify to enroll in the PLB Academy’s Life Management/Adjustment Program and Legacy building course?

Take the short application quiz in Data Block #8.

  • PLUS you get – more short, relevant, challenging videos loaded with eye-opening questions – Did you watch Vid 2 through 10 below the opening PLB logo?
  • Make time to Expand your levels of thinking.
  • You can start now. It’s your choice!
  • How often are you overwhelmed with everyday stuff?
  • How much time do you spend doing things over because you didn’t do it right the first time?
  • What do you allow to occupy essential time and space in your mind?
  • How often do you have meaningful conversations with the people who you determine are essential in your life? i.e., mate, children, parents, grandparents, friends, co-workers, etc.
  • What change do you want and need, starting NOW?
  • What are your current life visions?
  • What are your current goals?
  • What do you need to do to get you to where you want to go?
  • The BEST time to start creating change is NOW. Make time for self-improvement to Create change. Enjoy life more.
  • This series of short videos and the information on this web site will become the seeds of your future.  Your actions will become the water and nutrients to determine the quality of your life harvest. Making an impact on your family, friends, and future generations is priceless.             

2nd Light Green Box

First Short Personal Life QUIZ

  1. Do you want to be happier?
  2. Do you want to live a longer life?
  3. Do you want to improve yourself?
  4. Do you want to get more out of life? 
  5. Do you want or need a change in your life?
  6. If so, what, why, how, who, and when?

Second Short Personal Quiz

  1. How long do you want to live?
  2. What value does your life have?
  3. Do you want to improve your life-skills?
  4. Do you want to improve your health?
  5. Do you want to improve your communications?
  6. Do you want to build stronger relationships?

Final Personal Opening Quiz

  1. How will the overall value of your future be determined?
  2. What determines the value of your life cycle?
  3. Do you want to make better use of your time?
  4. Are first impressions important?
  5. How do you deal with regrets, and what decisions created the results?
  6. Do you want your legacy to have a significant impact on future generations?
  7. Do you want to be a better version of yourself?

Any “Yes” is a strong indication you want, need, and will benefit from the transformational change you get to create. The Personal Legacy Builder Academy is a market place of ideas and information to challenge and enhance your levels of thinking. Improve helping yourself find & solve everyday life situations. Starting today, You get to choose what you want to improve or change. Is today the day you will begin paying more attention to yourself?

The above ???’s are your first Nineteen major, thought-provoking, eye-opening, personal questions that lead to self-change and more opportunity for a successful and bountiful harvest.

Let’s push forward to learn simple but powerful secrets to creating change. What was your most important thought as you read each item? Your self-evaluation is a powerful tool used to find areas of life you want, need, should, or can improve. It’s your choice! Your actions speak louder than words. Invest in yourself and others.

What does it cost you and others, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually not to expand, refine, and invest in your self-awareness and future success?

Do you qualify for the Academy?

Go through the information in Data Block #8 to see if you qualify for enrollment. For those who are eligible to enroll, register in the PLB Academy by clicking on the word button “I’m ready to ENROLL,” Located throughout the web site.

A – Self-examination and life inventory – a personal process & method to refine, enhance, and build on life-skill experiences. Your benefit: Add value to your life by elevating your level of thinking and knowledge.

B – Experience simple secrets and actions to create and improve happiness! Find and build  NEW paths for self-improvement. What is the value for you to improve your life-skills, communication, health, relationships, legacy, and more? Fill your mind with new information and ideas.

C –  Intentional self-reflection, from a self-audit, is a personal inventory of thoughts, beliefs, actions, and new opportunities. You get to review and create a private list.  Your list will become an inventory of habits, experiences, and perspectives. Included are your values, life-skills, direction, and legacy. By improving and expanding your insight, creates NEW visions, opportunities, and positive results. Your life is a process that requires daily attention. Continue reading the information on this website. Finally, you get to determine how you can best create change in your life and others. 

These are the ABC‘s for you to start creating a clearer vision and action plan for your future. What thoughts were triggered?

Again, What does it cost you and others, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually not to expand, refine, and invest in your self-awareness? What do phony smiles and fake sincerity accomplish? Do others see the real you on social media? How much mental space do you allow others to occupy in your daily activities? What sort of mental, spiritual, and verbal hygiene do you practice? What thoughts do you keep locked up in your mind that hold you back? How often does someone ask how you are doing, and you only reply “fine.”

 Start today with new intellectual stimulation to accept the past, use life experience and lessons learned to better deal with the present. Then continue to build your plan for the future and your legacy, using the new tools offered in the PLB Academy. Concentrate on the things you can choose to improve and change. Your self-analysis is a continuous process to improve happiness!

GIFT BOX  – 3rd light green box

Your 3 FREE gifts start the process of learning more about why & how the PLB Academy is an essential course, as a tool and guide for personal growth. Can one decision change your life? The gifts include:

  1. The transcript of the ten short videos – read, absorb, ponder, and answer the 101 questions you heard. By reading the questions at your own pace, you allocate time to Digest & Chose what applies to you and your life situations. Then start deciding what, how, where, and why you need to create personal change. With this tool, you can begin to develop your new plans of action. This is one of the simple solutions to create new change. You will find one “Hidden Bonus” in this first Gift.

  2. A Personal Evaluation Start-up – 4 Self-Audit Exercises + one Bonus Exercise – Find another 103 challenging questions – You get the other 11 exercises when you enroll in the PLB Academy.

  3. A Life Plan Check List – Extensive ideas as to what can be in your action plan to improve? Compare what you already have in your life-plan? For those without a written plan – now is the perfect time to start. Continue to Identify how you can create change to get more out of life while safeguarding your future and those you love? Increase your well-being and happiness.

Again – Any time you see the word buttons – 1st Free Gift or I’m Ready to ENROLL, these are your action links. Just click on which action you want. See the light green box below for a simple, straight forward process to get your GIFT or to ENROLL.  Enjoy the results of personal growth!

See the light green box below for a simple, straight forward process to get your GIFT or to ENROLL.  Enjoy the results of personal growth!

2nd Light Blue Box

The PLB Academy is a comprehensive program for you to take an elevated, 360-degree view of yourself and others. How do you find the value of your self-worth? You start from within yourself. Being authentic starts with being honest and open about what you think, feel, and controlling the way you act. Take one step at a time.

The PLB Academy programs are all about checking your levels of self-awareness and self-examination by an in-depth look and review of your life inventory.

 Simple secret and action: A self-audit achieves better personal awareness to create clear, positive life visions.  Self-evaluation is a revealing process to find ways you choose to improve. Make time to break away from everyday stuff. Take a broad, in-depth look at yourself. Let’s call this a self-examination.

Included areas to review and evaluate are, self-direction, self-reflection, self-image, self-confidence, self-respect, self-change, self-desires, self-motivation, self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, self-reliance, self-vision, self-imagination, self-satisfaction, and self-adjustments. Also, problem-solving, communications, health, relationship quality, and your legacy are essential areas for personal growth. All these factors have a direct influence on your levels of stress, anxiety, success, and happiness.

   Note all the self words. The PLB Academy is all about you choosing what you want to improve or change. You define the why, when, where, and how. Getting more out of life requires thought and action.  Don’t be or stay overwhelmed with life’s stuff, that you neglect yourself. What thoughts were just triggered by the ABC‘s and the first video? Will you accept the challenge to refine those thoughts?

The value and benefit you get from the PLB Academy will come from the actions you chose to take. Words without action do not have a positive value!

Evaluate all essential areas in your life and discover some areas you don’t think about. Examine the wisdom you have gained and how you choose to use the knowledge. Make time to unpack and dissect your thoughts, ideas, dreams, wants and needs. Start now to reward yourself by developing an Extend Your Life and Legacy building plan. What consistent efforts do you make to improve yourself and others?

Today, choose to start creating change to improve your life and others!

The first short video outlined life problems. What did you identify that applied to your life? The next videos spoke of solutions, challenges, potential benefits, and results. What were your answers to the first 19 questions in the three Personal Quizzes? Together, let’s dig deeper! Creating new plans and taking action has many short and long terms benefits.

Consider all areas and levels of your life skills. Skills include emotional and stress level management. Also, your health, communication, and the quality of your relationships. In the end, what will your legacy be? 

The PLB Academy program is NEW. You get to examine your life skills and life direction. You get to choose what you want to change.

No one has a greater interest or can choose to create good or better changes for your future than you!

Did you answer “YES” to the 1st five questions in the First Personal Quiz? For positive personal growth, it’s essential to answer these questions with “yes.” 

These answers are your first simple secret and action. All are crucial elements to start enhancing your life by creating change.

   Answering the 6th question, allows you by choice, to create a plan for action. Learn to refine your path, to expand and improve your journey of life. See how many items you relate to throughout this first page of the web site! Amaze yourself at what triggered thoughts you will have. 

What thoughts came to mind listening to the ten short opening videos? In the videos, you heard over 77 questions to challenge your thinking. What thoughts were triggered? Do you want to build on and refine your thoughts and ideas?

You can get your FREE gifts or take action to ENROLL at any time you chose. For the 1st gift, click on the word “1st Free GIFT” button.  To proceed with enrollment click on the “I’m Ready to Enroll” button, located throughout the web site. The buttons are on the left side of yellow bars. When you click on the gift button you will be asked to Enter your first name and email address. The First gift will go to that email. You will find the link for the 2nd FREE gift at the bottom of the First gift. In the 2nd gift, you will get the link for the 3rd gift. In the 3rd gift, you will get a complete Academy course outline and an exclusive introductory offer to ENROLL.

The enrollment process is simple. Provide your first and last name, current email address, checkmark a couple of boxes. Click submit. This action takes you to a secure payment center.  Enter the required information. Once the enrollment payment is received, you will get a confirmation receipt and your unique enrollment ID number code, and a link to download the courses. You can get started immediately. At that point, you will have access to the Private Facebook group to share your successes and ideas with other like-minded PLB Academy students building their life from the ideas in the PLB Academy programs.

You will be required to put the enrollment ID number in when you click the download link.  For any communication with the PLB Academy, refer to your ID number code.

For the individual that wants or needs a change in their life, will you commit to spending a few minutes each day to

improving yourself?

Experience the benefits of Self-evaluation – Resulting in higher self-awareness.
Improve your life skills
Improve your health

Increase your productivity
Build stronger relationships and communicate better?

Become more open-minded, productive, and happier.

This action is something you get to do.

Create an Extend Your Life Plan  (EYLP) and build your priceless legacy.

Self-evaluation – Are you ready and open-minded enough to take an in-depth, self-paced, elevated, 360-degree view of your life and others? Imagine what you will find by challenging and expanding your outlook on life? Both private and what others see? Creating and reviewing your life inventory is eye-opening. Become excited about what you can learn about yourself and others. Take advantage of your opportunity to review and think about all parts of your life. Unlocking your unrealized potential is priceless.

You will experience higher value from the 2nd and 3rd FREE gifts by first continuing to read this web page. Understanding the foundations and benefits of the Personal Legacy Builder Academy is essential. It’s your choice!

Reviewing your life skills and life map is an opportunity for NEW personal growth.  Look at where you have been, appreciate, and consider where you are at. Finally, refine and plan where you want to go. Keep reading and listening to find areas of your life you want and choose to improve? You will read and hear many key life questions that many are to busy to consider or overlook. Challenging your mind expands your levels of thinking and perspectives to improve your life.

The questions in both FREE gifts, over 200, will trigger challenging life thoughts and emotions. Decide how many relate to your life situations, ideas, and future plans. Then Act to create change that you choose.

The information on this web site and the short video series above is essential. Evaluating different areas of your mindset becomes priceless. Expand and question your outlook about life. Examine new or expanded paths. All questions prepare a solid foundation for a rewarding experience in the Academy. As in any new or unique learning experience, you must invest some time. 

  Your next nine and a half minutes are essential. Investing your time to read and listen to the 8 short videos will start a new and continuing path for self-improvement. Are you ready for a flood of new ideas, emotions, and challenging perspectives? Are you open and willing to increase your self-awareness and expand your comfort zones?

Your time invested now can be the start of a transformational process. Seek new means to empower, enrich, and improve your life and others. Increase the value every day of your life journey.

Don’t let days escape without the benefit of becoming a better person. Make time to create change. Choose who, how, why, and when, is the best way you communicate with others.

Strategic planning and Personal growth include many areas. Like self-awareness, mindset, planning, legacy building, actions, faith, and intended success. Also, increase your awareness of those around you. To become better, you must desire to expand your mindset and want to create change. Making new decisions can be scary. But taking NEW action can also be rewarding with many benefits.

Keep the central concept of the PLB Academy in mind, “Can One Decision Change Your Life?” Will your life change as a result of your decisions, or the decisions of someone else?

The PLB Academy is all about you solving and improving life experiences. Note all the self words. This program challenges many levels of thinking, perspectives, and comfort zones. PLB is a personal tool and a guide for self-improvement. Your value of the program comes from what you decide to change and the results you achieve. One new positive decision can change your life.  You must keep an open mind to create and get a more significant change.

NOW, preparing for, or entering the Academy, your need to keep a journal notebook nearby. Immediately write down all your thoughts triggered by what you read or hear. Your written notes become priceless building blocks, your golden nuggets. You will get to build & refine your future progress and success. Your documentation made by answering the questions will provide new paths for self-discovery. Imagine life-changing decisions, and more exceptional accomplishments to improve your life.

When you see this logo, spend a few minutes reviewing your notes. For the time being, in your notes, refer to the Data Block #’s provided on the web site. Later in the free gifts and the Academy, you will be able to refer to a page and line number. You will get to refine all your notes and answers to questions in the Academy program.

Data Block #A

You are unique and complex, like every other person. We all learn, operate, and react in different ways to each situation we encounter. You have a creative mind. You get to process thoughts, feelings, and emotions about what you see, hear, and experience. Your actions come from the choices you make. Every action has a consequence. Your past choices and experience form what is happening in the current moments. Your future depends on new knowledge, perspectives, choices, and planned actions.

An essential element in all lives is a need to feel loved and wanted. To gain feelings of love and need, it is essential to improve ourselves and the choices we make. By your actions, you can become more empathetic towards others and not so quick to judge. Good decisions lead to self-improvement, including better conflict management, higher-quality relationships, and becoming happier. By achieving greater happiness, through personality and life adjustments,  leads to reduced stress. Less stress creates an essential, new path for expanding your comfort zones. Imagine the positive change in your life! 

The PLB Academy is a successful program because every person is not the same. The questions, ideas, and perspectives provided challenge you in many areas of life. You get to choose what, who, why, how, and when you want to improve. This is another priceless simple secret of creating change.

  • What would you choose to change first?
  • What is necessary to make the change?
  • What obstacles will you face?
  • What are your expected results?
  • Who would benefit from the change?
  • Why would you want the change?
  • How would you create the change?
  • When would you start to make the change? 
  • When do you expect to complete the change?

Data Block #B

Keep in mind, un-managed stress affects all aspects of your life and others. Read this information to challenge your thoughts and perspectives. What you believe will dictate your feelings and thoughts. Your beliefs drive your actions. So it’s essential to expand and review your mindset.

The Self-education you can gain in the PLB Academy Program helps you find incredible NEW paths. Do you want to improve different areas of your life and others?

When you identify a problem or an area of your life to improve, you need to know:

  • What you want to improve and why.
  • Identify what obstacles you face. 
  • Then define how you can create a change.
  • Set a time you want to accomplish the change.
  • Finally, reward yourself for what you successfully changed.

WHEN you begin to define and expand your thoughts to start the process to improve and or create change, you can create a new trail to become happier.

This gray box, plus the next 3 Blocks of information, and the two FREE gifts, may provide one new idea for change. Imagine that you can create and build many NEW changes. Make the time to read through the information. Keep writing down the thoughts that come to mind.

Your critical question is: Will you make time for a self-audit of your inventory: A personal checkup on your life experiences and future plans? If so, how much time? Embrace what you can learn. Are you ready and open to self-improvement?

Should you make that choice –  Welcome to your start at the PLB Academy.

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy is NEW.

The Academy program is a market place of life questions, perspectives, and ideas for self-improvement. You can choose to use the tools and ideas to improve your self-awareness, self-confidence, and expand your comfort zone. These personal items encourage you to create positive change in your life and others. Also, to recognize and build alternative paths as needed.

Consider why your exposure to this information is essential for self-improvement. Your increased self-awareness, thoughts, and answers can inspire and enrich your life.

Today,                                                   Data Block C

you can begin to improve your life & legacy resulting from your self-audit. How many different directions do you find yourself going in every day? Making intentional decisions based on your self-audit results, create NEW options. Taking action for change is essential and rewarding. Action is necessary for personal growth, happiness, and future success. Is transformational change important to you?

The PLB Academy program can help you find and create new paths to alter, expand, change, and improve your life. This includes your friends, family, and future generations. Expanding your comfort zone creates new space to experience a change in your achievements.

Do you completely appreciate the value of your life, options, and capabilities? What about your friends, family, and the people who care about you? What about your impact on others you will meet and future generations? Finally, do you appreciate your health and the quality of your relationships? Do you want to find more solutions to your life challenges? Get started today! Create positive change.

Your change can be priceless! Are you open to examining yourself? Are you excited to learn more about your opportunities from this Academy?

Data Block #2

FAQ: What can I gain to improve myself from the Personal Legacy Builder Academy programs? 

The PLB programs are for anyone who has a desire

  • to find ways to reduce their stress and get more out of life.
  • To seek methods for solving current problems or situations.
  • To improve their communications, health, and relationship skills.
  • To define their wants and needs, then create a plan of action.
  • To improve themselves by creating intentional change.
  • To objectively look at themselves from a self-audit.
  • To improve their self-awareness and opportunity.
  • To create more order and value in their life.
  • To leave a lasting legacy, a priceless gift.
  • To help other people get more out of life.

Are you open to gain a greater appreciation of yourself and life? Do you want to use simple secrets and actions to create change in your life, legacy, and others?

It is essential to understand your life more. Find the areas you choose to change. Only then can you start to simplify your life!

Ponder these questions:

  • How well do you manage your time, emotions, and feelings?
  • How deep and stable are your relationships?
  • Can you define what complicates your life?
  • Do your good intentions produce negative results? If so, why?
Think of all the lost knowledge from the human race in the last 100 years created from early and unexpected death.  For example, war, disease, hunger, cancer, suicide, car wrecks, drug addiction, and abortion. Make a list of things you have planned to do, but never followed through to even start. Finally, by people not writing out their story (life Experiences) to share with future generations.

Data Block #3

The entire PLB Academy program is about you.

Your choices, decision, actions, and accountability, determine life quality. Consider all your options while experiencing your life cycle.

  • How you become more inspired to create positive change in your life is up to you.
  • Finally, how you determine the lasting quality of the legacy you leave to others is up to you.

How you choose to apply the information you read and listen to from this program is up to you.

How will you choose to continue improving your life? You are a student of life. Life is a daily, challenging learning experience. We must practice listening, observing, and being inquisitive. What is the value and importance of becoming a happier person? Creating more value in your life, and building your legacy is rewarding. You can choose to improve your life skills. Plus, improve your health, communications, and relationships. Or you can choose to do nothing.

  • The PLB Academy is self-paced.
  • You determine your path, appetite, and thirst for NEW knowledge, perspectives, and change.
  • You decide what time you need to digest what applies to you.
  • You decide when, where, how, and why you will take action.
  • There are no exams. Only possible results!

Your decisions and actions, from this point forward, will create NEW paths for change. You can experience new success and new opportunities. Also, know your new actions can affect family, friends, and future generations. Not to mention leaving a priceless legacy! Can one decision change your life?   Let’s find out.

Your self-examination/review/life audit provides an in-depth view of life situations. Seek and create NEW options. Self-improvement and life management works best by taking an in-depth look at yourself. Always be open to change! Seek different opportunities to improve yourself. Continue to appreciate the value of thinking ahead and evaluating life.

Strategic thinking is valuable. Experience the benefits of expanding your levels of thinking, mindset, and perspectives. It’s healthy for all phases of your life journey of learning. Consider the following questions:

  • What are your roadblocks?
  • What are the root causes?
  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • Can you define what controls your life?
  • Can you define your purpose in life yet?
  • Is there value in making yourself better?
  • Do you build on what makes you unique?
  • Do you build on what makes others unique?
  • Do you know what your unrealized potential is?
  • How often do you get frustrated with your direction in life?
  • Do you want to improve your communication and relationships?

Can you afford to spend at least 15 minutes, three times a week to improve yourself? If not, why not? Your potential results can be priceless.

  • Do you want to improve your health and life skills?
  • Do you choose the better side of life?
  • Can one decision change your life?
  • Do you want to find out?

 Expanding your self-awareness is essential for personal growth. This is another simple secret and action to create change. Getting more out of life requires effort for self-adjustments. Then you enjoy the benefits from the actions you choose to take.

You will not agree with everything.

The value of the Academy comes from your open mind, participation, and self-examination. Exposing your mind to higher levels of thinking can expand and enrich your life. Digesting your notes and taking action on your new ideas, increase your options. Your refined decisions can create a new path for positive change.

All this and more while building your priceless legacy.

Your new knowledge, perspectives, and right decisions provide a new path.  Solving and refining life problems can be priceless. 

The contents of this NEW, unique, eye-opening program, can be life-changing.

Agree or Disagree: A choice to do nothing is a choice. No action on your part achieves the following: You stay in all your current habits, lifestyles, and situations. No new ideas for change occur.  You are stuck with existing or ongoing frustration, habits, and routines. Health conditions, life skills, communication, relationships, and conflicts stay the same. Or gradually get worse. The lack of new actions prevents you from adding more value to life.

Agree or Disagree: Life can be full of value when you engage in consistent self-evaluation.
Your self-evaluation – Life audit – creates a better sense of direction. Develop your paths for transformational change. It takes your action to find ways to better yourself and others.

Are you ready to get out of a rut or change something in your life?

Data Block #4

Are you satisfied with your current life skills and life situations? What about the quality of your health, relationships, communication skills, and situations? Do you know and accept how you fit in? Do you know what makes you tick? What are your trigger points? What opportunities are you missing by actions you don’t take? Discover new ideas by continuing to read the content of the web page and listen to the short video series.

First, you need to take an inventory, an audit of your life. Expand your self-awareness. Find what changes you want or need?  This creates a path for you to refine and develop changes that further develop your purpose in life.

  • How would you define the current value of your life and legacy?
  • What happens to others when your life cycle ends naturally, or worse, unexpectedly?
  • How long do you expect to live or want to live?

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy, PLB for short, is a NEW self-paced program. Learn the benefits of self-assessment and self-development. Enjoy your self-improvement. Choose to change and live a happier life. Take action for your life management. Engage in this personal audit system. Apply simple secrets and actions to empower and improve your life experiences. 

The PLB Academy has many benefits.  Here are a few.

  • Provides a system with tools to help you improve and manage your life.
  • Encourage you to create positive change in your life and others.
  • Expand your level of thinking, mindset, perspectives, and opportunities.
  • Increase the value of your life more every day as you build your legacy.
  • Refine your decision-making skills to improve clarity and the end results.

Again, you will not agree with everything you read and hear.  This is normal. But, finding an area of your life that you want to improve is rewarding. The action you take can become priceless. This is your chance to grow. Expand your vision, self-awareness, and confidence. Do you need a change of direction? You will note some statements are repeated. The repeated ideas are provided due to the importance of the thought.

ATTENTION: you have reached A Market place of life ideas and questions. Are you open to Expand your self-awareness, your comfort zones, and vision for your future? Is it essential for you to gain new self-perspectives? If not, why not?

See if you qualify to improve yourself and build a better, brighter, and enhanced future. Empower and enrich your life!

Based on your next decisions and actions, you can increase the value of your life. Add positive transformational value in your life, family, and friends. Build an Extend Your Life plan while building your legacy.

  • Can you define,  Right now, what changes will improve and make your life experience better? 
  • If so, what is your plan, and how will you make the plan work?
  • Can you define your fears, frustrations, habits, and roadblocks?
  • Do you want or need new ideas to improve life situations?

The contents of this web site and the PLB Academy program deal with the life questions above and more.

Act NOW to see if you qualify for the Academy. Take the short quiz below. Keep an empty notebook and pen to write down your thoughts. Next, watch the short video series in the orange box below. The videos will trigger many thought-provoking ideas. You should write those thoughts down immediately. Later in the Academy, you will have time to refine and build on what you wrote down. Then continue reading the web pages. Discover the personal benefits you will get from the PLB Academy. Keep taking notes on your thoughts. See why this is a life-changing program.

Everyone can benefit from one positive decision that can change your life and legacy. Learn why many people read and re-read the programs to create continued change in their life. All change is a process.

Becoming a happier person is a process. Requirements include a balance of love, respect, kindness, trust, and communication. Plus, a healthy mind and body, friendships, accountability, understanding, integrity, faith, and self-respect. Every day we need to seek a higher understanding of ourselves and others. This creates a path and the ability to create a positive change for ourselves and others. 

Continue to refine all these aspects of your life. Not all relationships we choose and life situations turn out the way we dream they will. Learn to build a better future, for the time you have left. Base your new visions and action on the wisdom you gained from the past.

Are you open and excited about expanding your thought process? Again, do you want to improve and enjoy your quality of life more? Increased self-awareness of life has many rewards! As you continue reading, amaze yourself at the thoughts that will come to your mind.

For some people, you may find it challenging to quit reading the PLB program. There is a lot of information about your life to consider. You will need time to review your notes. Then time to refine and digest your thoughts. For others, you will grapple with making time to read. The questions are essential. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes, minimum, three times a week to read in the PLB program. Your return on investment (ROI) of time can be rewarding and priceless.

Data Block #5

Have you ever seen a product so valuable that every person should own and refer to often? Are you beginning to see why people find it worthwhile to read and re-read sections of the PLB Academy? Keep reading this web page. You can always refer to any of the questions and your notes for your continued improvement.  Enjoy your NEW opportunity for examining and expanding your perspectives. Continue to develop and increase your happiness and enjoyment of life’s journey!  

Details for getting into the PLB Academy are in the third Gift you request.

Data Block #6

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy program  (again, PLB for short) is all about your personal development, success, enjoyment of life, and legacy. This is your time to refine your life course for the future. Your choices, decisions, and actions determine new opportunities and the quality of your future.

Welcome to the Personal Legacy Builder introduction. PLB is a new, unique, mind challenging, life-changing program. All five sections and 12 components of this NEW Academy program will take you to new levels of thinking. See yourself, others, and life in a new light, filled with new opportunities you choose to improve. You will read and hear many key life questions to ponder. Keep listening and reading here to see what you relate to! Understand why this program has valuable and essential life benefits for you!

  • The PLB Academy is self-paced.
  • You determine what applies to you.
  • You choose what you want and need to change.
  • You learn ideas about how you want to write about your life.
  • The process is eye-opening, rewarding, and transformative.
  • Discover and make new decisions that will change your life and legacy.

No one can make changes to your life or can tell your story better than you.

Both FREE gifts from the Academy, help create a solid foundation for self-improvement. By expanding your levels of thinking, mindset, and perspectives, you gain new insights. Choosing to enter the Academy has many rewards. Learn simple secrets for improving and creating change in your life. Build a happier, less stressed, more productive, and fulfilled life. Realize and accept the fact that you only have one life to live on earth. Know and accept that every challenge helps refine and define who you are. A decision to invest time in yourself is rewarding. Find inspiration for personal growth that increases your happiness and well-being. Today is the first day of your future! Success depends on right decisions, your actions, and how you respond to the results. 

The Academy programs are for conducting a self-paced life inventory, your auditThe audit includes improving self-awareness. Your action leads to greater happiness. This includes your life skills, communication, health, and building stronger relationships. Plus, building your priceless legacy. Do you believe one positive decision can change your life and legacy? Imagine how your decision and action for improvement can also affect others?

See if you meet the requirements to be eligible for the PLB Academy program.  Take the short quiz below in Data Block #8.

Data Block #7

Review the application assessment – Short Quiz – see why you should enter the Personal Legacy Builder Academy.

The next few minutes of reading, listening, and thought can be life-changing. Are you ready and open for your self-analysis? This is the start of your personal life audit!

Are you prepared to seek your unrealized potential? 

Get an empty notebook to record your ideas and your triggered thoughts. Decide what changes you want and need. Improve your self-awareness. Reap the personal growth and benefits for expanding your mindset. Does that interest you?

Short Quiz - Amazing results can occur for you, by entering the Academy. Here is your short Quiz for how you can benefit and qualify!

        Do you want                                  Data Block #8

  1. To be happier?
  2. To live longer?                       
  3. Reduce stress?                                             
  4. Change direction?                  
  5. Become healthier?
  6. Be more organized?
  7. Reduce frustration?                              > What’s in your future?
  8. Get more out of life?
  9. Communicate better?                             > What action is needed?
  10. Create a lasting legacy?                           > YOU can Plan now!
  11. Wonder where you fit in?
  12. Understand other’s better?
  13. Enhance your self-esteem?
  14. Build stronger relationships?                       Explore your options!
  15. Overcome end-of-life issues?
  16. Appreciate your life cycle more?                            WARNING:
  17. Need to start a new life chapter?                       Comfort Zones
  18. Ever question your purpose in life?                May get stretched!
  19. Make better life-changing decisions?
  20. Reorganize your personal boundaries?
  21. Be better tomorrow than you were today?
  22. Need a life adjustment or attitude change? 

How many of the 22 questions did you answer “yes” to? These questions are Exercise #3 in your second FREE GIFT.

 Data Block #9    Your “YES” answers qualify you for the Academy.

A “YES” answer to any of the questions above is a reliable indicator you want or need self-improvement. What holds you back? Gain new insight and value to your own life and others.  Life adjustments are necessary to improve your future.

By using the guides and tools in the PLB program, you get to review and refine your lifestyles. You get to define and find areas of unrealized potential!  This includes your thoughts, perspectives, mindset, life skills, and life map. Also improve your health, communication, and quality of relationships. Finally, you get to build your written legacy. Your legacy should be a priceless gift, kept in a safe place, for your family, friends, and generations to come. Finally, you need to consider and review end-of-life situations.

Again, any time you see the PLB Logo, as in the upper left corner, you can click on the word GIFT or ENROLL.  At the end of the 1st FREE Gift, there will be the link for the 2nd FREE Gift.

Again, any “YES” answers you gave more than qualifies you to enter the PLB Academy?

The PLB logo is not an active link yet.

Data Block 9-A

What is your personal cost NOT to find more ways to improve your happiness.

Under construction: When you click to get your third FREE Gift, there is a complete breakdown and description of what is in the PLB Academy. You will have three options to ENROLL. You will also see an exclusive, introductory offer to ENROLL.

Three Options –

  1. The Tuition to the Personal Legacy Academy is 1175.00
  2. Take advantage of the introductory offer in GIFT #3 – 83% savings
  3. Invest in one section at a time.  217.00 each

Data Block #10 

Write down in your notebook, on the next page, the items you gave a yes answers to in Data Block #8. Make notes on any specific thoughts that came to mind about those particular items. ACTION on your part, no matter how large or small, can create Change to all your “yes” responses and more!

First, you must want and see a need to create Change. Personal Change is a planned process. The unexpected changes also occur –  an event you have no control over – a life storm. How you deal with sudden Change, creates new wisdom. You get a chance for a unique starting point and a new direction by using the tools in the Academy. Look for new rainbows and appreciate each new fresh day!

The contents of this web site and the PLB Academy program deal with the life questions above and more. Again, are you ready and open to taking and an in-depth, elevated, 360-degree view of your life? Both private and what others see? Find areas of your life you want to improve?

Details for getting into the Academy are in the third Gift you request.

Data Block #11

>>  Do you believe it is possible to get more value out of your life cycle and be happier? If so, how and when?  If not, why not? <<

What area of your life needs adjusting? What holds you back? What are your life plans? 

Do you want a more fulfilling life?? Are you willing to invest a little time in yourself ??

*Keeping a notebook (6×9 recommended) and pen nearby to take notes as your thoughts come to mind is essential. You will create a crucial personal journal.

What recent life-changing decisions have you made lately? Did you get good results? If not, how did you react to the results? Did you make useful changes? This program is for anyone who wants to improve and add more value to their life and others. Now, it is recommended you watch this series of short videos that challenge your mindset. Next, continue reading this web page. Keep writing down your thoughts.

Data Block #12

In the Academy, part of the program contains 18 videos – only 2 to 3 minutes short, except #18.  All the videos challenge different areas of your life. All total, you will hear over 200 questions. In the Academy, you will have a workbook to digest the questions and write down your thoughts as to how each one applies to your life experiences. Areas that you can choose to improve. Create Intentional change. Become happier! In the orange box is a list of the video titles.

  •  Your decisions – 1                Video List  in the PLB Academy                         
  •  Life views – 2                                       
  • Finding your “WHY” – 3                     
  • Expanding Perspectives – 4   
  • The Secrets – 5                                   
  • Potential Benefits – 6                            
  • Your Levels of Thinking – 7
  • Self Reflection Benefits – 8                     
  • Personal Gain –  9
  • Purpose of life –  10                            
  • Your Rusted Days – 11                           
  • Your Desires – 12                                      
  • Personal Growth – 13                             
  • Your Purpose – 14                                   
  •  Life Exit Plans – 15                                  
  • Your Next Steps – 16                              
  • Not Forgotten – 17                                  
  • People Ask – 18

Data Block #13

Do you agree or disagree with these statements: 

  •  Life without active dreams, goals, or change, is a life without personal growth, direction, and purpose!     
  • People have either lost the skills to get along of never learned the proper necessary mindset and skills to grow a successful relationship.

If you disagree, why?

Either way, do you consider it too late to improve and create change?

Data Block #14

Have you found value in what you have experienced and thought about so far?

  • What notes have you taken?  Take a few minutes to review what you have written down.  What new thoughts come to mind?  Write them down!
  • Do you want to learn more about yourself and the Academy?
  • Do you want to continue challenging your mind?
  • Do you see value in reviewing your thoughts and perspectives?

The review is part of your personal AUDIT!

Link       Click this link to go to PLB Part Two


Click this link to get your 1st Free GIFT. (Link not active yet) BUT, don’t allow yourself to miss out on all the other thought-provoking information.

Again, Complete Details for getting into the Academy, and the course outline, are in the third Gift you request. Or use the GIFT or ENROLL link you see.