A FREE Gift for you – An essential Life Plan Check List       

Personal Legacy Builder (PLB) is completely about you, getting more out of life. PLB is a tool and guide to initiate ideas. Self-evaluate your needs to improve. No one else is like you. Your life is filled with many experiences. Up until this moment, you have a unique life story, a legacy. You have a beginning, middle and end to your life cycle. FACT: No one knows how much time they have to live. Every day you get to live, is valuable. All of your decisions and actions from this point forward are essential. Your actions can become the bridge from where you are now, to where you want to be.

 Are you happy and content with your life situations and direction? What change could make your life better? Your next few minutes of reading can have a profound impact to create change in your life. Imagine what would change in your life by becoming healthier or having better communications? What about being less stressed and more open? Or building stronger relationships and becoming more confident. As you expand your perspectives, attitude and life skills, you find paths of  greater success.

Your life situations affect not only your personal life, but your career path. What hold’s you back? Also, your situations affect your education pursuits. Every situation has a root cause and effect. Imagine becoming less stressed, more relaxed, and happier. Would this help you enjoy life more?  Do you think these changes can help you be more productive at work, in school, and at home? Do you think you might even live longer? Also, by using the tools in the PLB program, you can build your written legacy. Your legacy should be a priceless gift for your family, friends, and generations to come. 

The information presented here will be the most critical and,                          essential, life-changing information you read.                         Decide on the areas of life you want and need to change!

Are you open-minded?

How valuable are your decisions?

Can one decision change your life?

Have you ever seen a product so valuable that every person should own? Why do people find it worthwhile to read and re-read the PLB? You can always refer to any of the questions and your notes for the continued improvement of your journey!  

First decision:  Are you open to investing time to read about how you can choose to improve your life? Get started now!

Warning: Are you ready?

Agree or Disagree: Your growth, interaction, and success needs positive decisions and actions.
Are you only living day to day? How would you complete this sentence? “I will be happy when ….?”   
Self-examination and self-assessment provide you with a self-analysis. You do this by self-reflection, answering many questions about different segments of life. Some items may make you uncomfortable.  Expect to feel uncomfortable. Allow your comfort zone to stretch! It is okay and needed for personal growth. From the ideas and thoughts you write down, this becomes a basis for change. Finding the areas of your life you want to improve has significant value.
Next, develop a plan of action and follow through to create personal life change. To see necessary life changes, use the tools provided in PLB, to conduct a personal inventory of your life. This includes, but not limited to, your habits, thoughts, fears, and successes. Also, your health, communication, goals, perspectives, life skills, and growth.  Make time to examine your current life map!
 Give yourself time to
  • look at where you have been,
  • where you are now,
  • who you associate with and
  • plan for your future. What you want to accomplish and where you want to be.

It’s an analysis of what makes you tick. Including a look at root causes to obstacles, where you fit in and how you affect others! How critical isplanning in your life? Define where you want to be in 1, 5, 10, 15 years from now, barring any unforeseen circumstance? Be flexible. Readjust as needed.How much are these values worth to you and those you love?

Invest time in yourself every day to create change. Take this time to challenge and review your current life situations. Does your life direction need any changes? And what about your thoughts on the value and quality of your life and relationships with others. Does that need change? Expand your mindset, perspectives, and comfort zones. Let’s find decisions and actions you can choose to create change. Imagine how this will impact your family, friends, and co-workers.

Pull out a photo taken of yourself 5 years ago. What changes have occurred? What plans at that time did you have to be where you are now? Now imagine where you will be and what you will look like in another 5 years.

You now have access to a market place of life ideas. Questions provide time for you to analyze your past and current situations. This action creates a path for self-improvement, which leads to creating change? Where do you plan to be in six months or five years from now? What will your mental, physical, financial and spiritual condition be? What’s your written action plan to get there?
Agree or Disagree: Life without dreams, goals, or change, is a life without personal growth, direction, and purpose!
Keep a notebook and pen nearby to take notes as your thoughts come to mind. Your mind will race at times. You need to write your ideas down.

Welcome to the Personal Legacy Builder. A new, mind challenging program consisting of 9 components. Do you have an appetite for knowledge, greater self-awareness, confidence, and self-improvement? Do you have a thirst for success and continued personal growth? Do you have a Life Plan? For those who do, what’s in it? Is it current? Is your plan as complete as it needs to be to protect those you love? When your life cycle comes to an end, your legacy is what you leave behind along with all your other assets and estate issues. Consider the possible consequences for others. And how will you be remembered? 

This is your time to begin. - You have 2 clear options: What is your choice?

Are you satisfied with your current life skills, health, relationships, communication skills, and situations? Do you know how you fit in? Do you know what makes you tick? Discover new ideas by continuing to read the content of the web page.

In real life, there are no scripts with planned outcomes. Unexpected events occur with challenging circumstances. An illness, injury, a family death, or your death! These events change numerous lives, sometimes in a split second. Or we are growing old. Why are people encouraged to make retirement plans? Why do people stop there? What happens after retirement?

What are the effects of these situations on those you care for? Is it essential to consider the consequences of each? The impending results need your attention to detail and action now. You can make a difference. Then enjoy your life more by creating change to be happier.

A choice to do nothing will eventually result in unnecessary frustration and pain. The pain includes confusion and apathy. Also, anger, heartache, and long term suffering for those you care about. People need proper information to resolve specific issues. From personal experience, avoid these situations. Become comfortable with your mortality. The development of the PLB program is a result wisdom gained of life lessons learned. It’s essential to share these perspectives. You determine what you relate to and what is necessary for decision making and actions.

This FREE checklist is a guide to determine what you have in your life plan. You may determine you need to add or change specific items. Or see the benefits of creating your life plan and refining your life skills. The majority of people do not have a life plan. Challenge your thoughts and perspectives NOW, about the quality of your life. Look at how you can choose to make improvements. Also:

  • Check areas of your life you decide to change and improve.
  • Get ideas on how to build your Legacy.
  • No one knows your life story better than you.
  • Make a list now, of who your Legacy will affect.

A life plan and self-evaluation are essential to creating change for personal growth. Will you make time to:

  • Review and develop your Life Plan? 
  • Find ways to improve your personal growth and self-awareness?
  • Consider all the people affected by your life.

Your action allows you to live a more fulfilled life.  Better decisions create change and a clearer vision of your life path and purpose. Are you satisfied with your current situations? Take the short QUIZ below.

The contents of this NEW program can be life-changing for you.

  • The program is self-paced.
  • You determine your path and appetite for change.
  • You decide what time you need to digest what applies to you.

Your decisions and actions will create your change and successes. Also, know your actions now affect family, friends, and future generations! Can one decision change your life?   Let’s find out.

Did you agree or disagree with this statement: Life without dreams, goals, or change, is a life without personal growth, direction, and purpose! If you disagree, why?

             If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be and why?                                                                  Can you think of an entire list?                                                        Keep reading about this unique, eye-opening, and compelling NEW program. Everyone gets only one life cycle.  Make the best use of your time, talent, and convictions. Each day provides more building blocks for your story, your legacy.

Know that one change can provide a new dream or goal. Your chosen action can create personal growth, direction, and purpose.

In your list above that you made about who will your legacy affect, did you include great-grandchildren that you may never meet? Your plans now could change their lives. Learn more about this in the program.

Imagine how your life would be when that one change happened? How would you feel? What would your life be like changing more than one item? What is the value of your legacy to your family, friends, and future generations? Could your written legacy and actions NOW become a part of someone else’s survival guide? What worries you the most? What prevents change in your life? Let’s dig into these and other critical thoughts, perspectives, and life questions.

Daily, you get 86,400 seconds to use like everyone else. How well do you focus on the use of your time? Are you aware of wasted time? How you choose to spend your time NOW is what can improve and create change in your life. It’s vital at any age to have and pursue dreams. Don’t ever stop refining your life skills. Maintain a spirit of youth. Embrace the rewards you gain by investing in yourself and others. Enjoy your pursuit of happiness!

Keep reading.  You will be amazed at the thoughts that come to your mind.

The next few minutes of reading and thought can be life-changing. Are you ready for self-analysis to improve your self-awareness? Does that interest you? Amazing results can occur! Here is a short Quiz!

Do you want

  • To live longer?
  • Get more out of life?                       
  • Be happier?                                      
  • Reduce stress?                                               
  • Change direction?                  
  • Become healthier?
  • Be more organized?
  • Reduce frustration?                              > What’s in your future?
  • Communicate better?                             > What action is needed?
  • Create a lasting legacy?                           > YOU can Plan now!
  • Wonder where you fit in?
  • Build stronger relationships?                       Explore your options!
  • Overcome end-of-life issues?
  • Appreciate your life cycle more?                            WARNING:
  • Need to start a new life chapter?                       Comfort Zones
  • Ever question your purpose in life?                May get stretched!
  • Make better life-changing decisions?
  • Be better tomorrow than you were today?
  • Need a life adjustment or attitude change? 

How many questions did you answer “yes” to? ACTION on your part, no matter how large or small, can create change to all your “yes” responses and more!

First, you must want and see a need to create change. Personal Change is a planned process. Unexpected change also occurs –  an event you have no control over – a life storm. How you deal with sudden change, creates new wisdom.                            You get a chance for a unique starting point, and new direction.                           A new rainbow and a fresh day!

The contents of this page and the PLB program deal with the life questions above and more. Are you ready and open to taking a look at your life? Both private and what other’s see? Find areas of your life you want to improve?

Did you have a plan five years ago? Are you where you wanted to be? Where do you want to be in the next five years? What is your plan to get there?  

Join all the other people who also use this NEW program/guide/workbook. By your choices and actions, you can build and create transformational change. Determine the direction of all your energy. Is it in the right direction? Are you getting results? Or are you frustrated with a lack of change and the same old situations?

Don’t be the one who only asks how many seeds are there in an apple. You can cut it open and count the exact number. Do you limit yourself? The real-life question is, how many apples are there in each seed. Life is so full of unknowns and opportunity. What do you miss out on, by the actions you don’t take? Imagine what you, as a unique individual, are capable of accomplishing? How do you affect others? How will you choose to make the world a better place?

Strive to better yourself and be happier. Engage in greater self-awareness. Accept your past. You cannot change it. Thinking about or reliving your past can be frustrating and emotionally painful. Many people have experienced horrible situations. Think about all the circumstances our military veterans have experienced. Or people who grew up in an abusive environment. Also, people that suffer from the unexpected loss of a loved one. Their lives require readjustment. Will they have the tools to do that? That decision lies in the actions you choose to take.  Why are there such strong  feelings of loss? What happens when those you care about discover there is no specific information about their estate? You can make decisions now to help ease that pain. Make sure they do not have that situation.  

What about all the homeless? They also have a story. Every person has unique life stories and needs.

Allowing your hurt and frustration to cloud your thinking, creates roadblocks. You may even think that life is unfair and “why me.”. Don’t allow the past to create an area of bitterness that gets you off track. You have a limited amount of time to live. Concentrate on decisions you can make to create change. Never consider seeking outside help is BAD. Some decisions are harder than others, but it is vital to make the hard choices you can be healthy and move forward. Learn to live for the moment and plan for your future. Each new moment is a part of your Legacy story.

Pay attention to those who care about you. Understand that what you can control is your ATTITUDE. Think about what you are grateful for. Take action to plan for your future. Your past helped create who you are now. Imagine what your tomorrow would look like if the only thing you had in the morning was, what you are grateful for today? Use your past lessons and new wisdom to make today better than yesterday. Life is a continuous learning experience and healing process.

With this program, you get to look at the root causes of past events. Then analyze your present situations and perspectives. Finally, plan new directions and create future opportunities. Improve your life skills. Each day you get to live, become a better person. From this PLB program, define the areas you want to change. Expand your perspectives.  Make new goals, and take action. Experience more fullness in life. What new thoughts have come to your mind? There are many yet to come!

 This PLB program is about you. Improving your quality and view of life is beneficial. You can choose to leave the site now.        But, you will miss an opportunity for

  • Making life decisions that affect you personally, your family, friends, and future generations.
  • Improving your life by evaluating your life inventory.
  • Identifying life-skills (see chart below) you choose to improve.
  • The short Quiz you just took: Analyzing and defining answers/ideas to the questions you said “Yes” to.
  • Taking a closer look at situations your fear and what holds you back.
  • Moving forward with greater confidence, making great decisions.
  • Solving problems which create a life rut. Learn to look at root causes.
  • Reviewing end-of-life issues and planning. Define your Legacy! Help others to continue with the balance of their life when you pass on.
  • Understanding the value of your legacy planning and building.
  • Analyze and improve your perspectives, abitions, and goals.
  • Improving your life skills to get more out of life.
  • Finding decisions that can change and improve your life!
  • Recognizing the value and impact you have on others.
  • Making decisions that create transformational change.
  • Building your written legacy, which becomes a priceless gift.

In a nutshell, in this first red box,  you will read about the benefits you can gain, for getting more out of your life. Become more certain about your past, present, and future self. Also, become more sensitive to those around you. Don’t allow yourself into the situation at some point in time of asking, “If I had only done something sooner or different!”

This NEW program is unique, eye-opening, and mentally challenging. The program helps increase your self-awareness. One decision can change your life. The information, ideas, and questions in this 1st red box and the 2nd red box, is only the tip of your iceberg. The time you invest in reading about this unique NEW program can become life-changing. What area of your life comes to mind that could use change? Does anything keep you up at night? What do you worry about the most? Make time to rediscover your wants, needed changes, and future goals!

The Personal Legacy Builder (PLB) program is NEW. The program is a self-paced, personal life development tool. Every person should own a copy and use! Do you believe one decision can change your life? When is the last time you took an inventory of your life? The PLB is about reviewing your quality of life and making changes. This includes your success, direction, and knowing the value of your legacy. Then you must make quality decisions.

Take action to create change and improve your life. Expand your self-awareness. Create a new direction. Find decisions that will change lives. See why you will agree as you read this web page.  Do you think outside the box? Is it possible to simplify the complexity of your life? How do you define, making life better? Do you blame others, or do you hold yourself accountable for all your actions?

The PLB program does not attempt to say you have something wrong, and this is how you fix it. Instead, the program provides a resourceful tool for you to conduct an in-depth self-analysis. When is the last time you did that? Discover greater self-awareness. This results in higher productivity and enhanced life skills. Live with a more fulfilled life purpose.  

The PLB Program asks questions, provides thoughts, and creates new opportunity. Find new ideas about enhancing or improving your life stage. This tool helps you to conduct an essential self-assessment. Take advantage of being more self-aware. Become happier with your new ideas, actions, and accomplishments.

  • This program is self-paced.
  • You determine what applies to you.
  • You choose what you want to change.
  • You choose how you want to write about your life.
  • The process is eye-opening, rewarding, and transformative.

Plus, you have a unique life story.  Sharing your written story with family and future generations are priceless. No one can tell the story better than you! What about writing some final letters. Imagine a grandchild or great-great- grand child reading your story. And a letter you wrote to them about your life perspectives and wishes for their future? Start a new tradition. Again, a priceless gift!

This collection of words and thoughts will have no value unless you read them. Decide what applies to you. What one action can change your life? Take action on one new decision you make to create change.  

The next few minutes of reading will challenge your perspectives and mindset.  The PLB program covers different areas of your life. Included are health, legacy ideas, and your faith. Also, communication, relationships, and future growth. Embrace how you fit in and essential end-of-life cycle planning issues. At a point in time, this is vital to those you love.

What change do you want and need in your life? Why is it always easier to say what you don’t want vs. saying what you want? What holds you back? Are you open to expand your thought process? Become more self-aware. Enjoy life more? Embrace new opportunities and change! 

Research indicates a person has 10 seconds to make a good first impression. It is said, “You don’t get 2nd chance to make a good 1st impression.” Do you make great 1st impressions? What about your last impression?

For each person you meet, do you ever think about the importance, value, and benefit of your last impression? Why would they want to see you again? What about the final impact you leave about your life? Do people need a reason to remember you? Why would they attend your funeral? What last words could you share with them to provide comfort and inspiration? Why will they remember you? A written legacy is timeless and priceless. This PLB program is a tool to start building your legacy, a final impression. Do you see how valuable that is? What do you wish you knew about your grandparents?

Learn more about this in PLB. You can choose to make a significant, lasting final impression at your funeral. Learn about how you can affect future generations! Embrace the fact of your mortality and what decisions you can make to do so!

Each new person you meet is a potential best friend. What sort of stage do you set? What are the quality of your attitudes, actions, and friendships?

Next, consider the impact of a book. The author gets one to two minutes of reading to capture your attention on the preface, inside the front cover. What thoughts have you had so far about where you need a change in your life?

Agree or Disagree: Your life always needs love, care, attention, and fine-tuning.

Agree or Disagree: The outcome of your life is not based on luck. Your quality of life comes from the quality and variety of your decisions. Your self-awareness, moral boundaries, planning, actions, accountability, and how you treat others are essential to success. 

Agree or Disagree: It’s challenging to live in a “What if I had done…” world and not taking action to create change.

Every person has life issues. What are yours, and how do they affect you?  What makes you unique? Each situation has a root cause and options to make life better.  Many become overlooked. 

Digest what you read. Make a plan of action. Decide what is best for you, then act. Create a change! How will you make the world a better place? What will your legacy be? What do other people see in you? How will people remember you?

Your river of life is full and flowing. For those who make the time to look, find many rewards. Those who stand idle, life passes you by. All the fish are not in one spot. There are many rocks/obstacles under the water, along with different water current flow. Become more aware of your surroundings, wants, needs, and opportunity. Make the most out of your life cycle. Life is a series of moments. Discover new experience in each moment you encounter. Know you have a unique value and are essential to many people. Enjoy the mind-expanding thoughts you will have as you read on.  Make decisions to create change. Improve your enjoyment of life. What challenging ideas have come to your mind already? What have you written down?

All 9 sections of this NEW program plus the FREE Life Plan Check List will take you to new levels of thinking. Imagine your new possibilities and personal growth. Personal and emotional growth includes, but is not limited to your self-awareness. This includes your mindset, planning, legacy building, and actions, and intended/desired success. Also, increase your awareness for the needs of those around you. They also have a unique life story to tell, filled with a different set of circumstances. They also have a unique life story to tell, filled with a different set of emotions, feelings, and conditions. You can turn to any page and find a new useful idea or challenging thought. Questions asked test your perspectives about life skills and situations. Is it                 essential to be open-minded?  This program helps you create valuable              Self-Awareness.

Your benefit is finding new avenues for higher quality life management systems. This leads to enhancing your personal growth and greater enjoyment of life while building your legacy!

How important is your time, life story, and Legacy? What about your future, family safety, quality of friendships,  relationships, and future generations?

Agree or Disagree: To become the person you want to be, you must want something better. Next, imagine yourself improving life skills. Have a thirst to make the right decisions. Then create your plan, follow-through, and act on that plan.
Quality change is the result of personal choices, decisions, and action. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be and why? Imagine the effects of that one change.

Imagine you making a decision each day or taking an action that can improve or change a life! Imagine living with a higher purpose. Would you go after that opportunity? How valuable is your time? How good are your life management skills? Is it time to make your choice to expand your comfort zone?  Your results will be amazing.

This program is an opportunity to involve yourself in a self-paced, interactive self-analysis. Enrich your self-awareness. Make time to look at and review your life needs, ideas, goals, wants, decisions, and actions. Examine your situations! Your self-analysis also includes a review of your life skills, perspectives, and attitudes. Finally, a self-review for the quality of your health, relationships, and communication. Find decisions and actions to improve and get more out of your life. Expand your self-awareness. Create change. Make your life experiences better!

To get your Free Gift – See the link below. But first…read this entire page of thought-provoking, eye-opening,  life challenging information. Imagine your benefits of being happier! Decide what part of your life skills need attention or change? Then create an action plan and act.

What holds or restricts you in your current comfort zone? How would you rate the quality of your health, relationships, and communications on a 1 to 10 scale? Is there room to improve? The list is endless. See and act on what comes to your mind as you read on. Unlock more of your full potential! It’s a rewarding process.

A description of the FREE Life Plan Check List is below “Imagine Your Possibilities” in the red/blue box. Amazing thoughts will come to your mind for possible change as you continue reading!

The central concept is, “Can One Decision Change Your Life?” and Know the value of your legacy.

Get re-started NOW with the tools provided. Create more success and happiness in your life journey. Nothing happens until you make a decision and ACT. Are you getting the most from your incredible life journey? Thank you for making time to expand your self-awareness on how to get more out of life.

This unique, mind challenging tool takes you through a self-paced, self-awareness, life assessment.

An eye-opening NEW tool for personal self-improvement! 

You choose what to improve. You create change! You reap the rewards!  Choose to build a great legacy.   Embrace change!

What if your life cycle or someone close to you, ended unexpectedly. Perhaps an accident or sudden illness. That situation happens to many other’s daily. People faced with an immediate crisis require comfort and answers. From your view, who would be most affected? As a result of the unexpected change, what would that day look like for them? Imagine, being prepared to say, “good-bye.”

It is vital to understand how complex and involved the grief process is. How quickly will there be healing and acceptance? Or will a person experience Complicated Grief?  You must want to understand the difference between healthy and dysfunctional Bereavement. Your choices and action now can help guide the outcome of their life issues, primarily when an unexpected death occurs.

Imagine the pain. Imagine the consequences of the sudden VOID created for those you care about, by your absence and not having time to say, “good-bye!” 

Your final message gift can be priceless. Your written legacy. Your heritage. No one can tell your story better than you. No one can leave a last message better than you. Your words from the heart, have great healing power.

After this accomplishment, your self-analysis can lead you to enjoy life more each day you live. Your efforts can become transformational.                                  Make this your best year yet!

  • How many of you are thinking you wish you had your parents or grandparents stories written down? Change something by your action NOW!
  • Do you have a clear vision for your future? 
  • What personal growth would you get by stretching your comfort zone and perspectives? Find out. Start challenging yourself  N  O  W !
  • Check your life skills, values, moral compass, mindset, perspectives, goals, and life potential. Think about your life cycle.
  • Your time to think about developing new ideas and life plans is N  O  W !

You have now spent just over 6 minutes of reading.  What thoughts have already come to mind?  Are you ready for more?

No one can escape physical death.

The more comfortable and prepared you become with your mortality enables you to enjoy life more. Take part in structuring your end-of-life responsibilities to protect your family, assets, and Legacy. Don't allow your passing to become a burden to someone else.The best time to start is NOW. There is a time when it's too late! See the flip side...

>>> This is why <<<

your self-evaluation and action created from this program have essential value. This is vital to repeat - What you choose to do from this point forward can become the BRIDGE from where you are now, to where you want or plan to be.

Life change, attitude, and personal growth do not happen overnight. When is the best time to start?   N  O  W !

Grab some blank paper or an empty notebook and a pen.  Write down your thoughts and ideas as you read along. These become your golden nuggets of valuable information. Use them to review, build on, and create change. Imagine yourself making better decisions. Imagine developing new actions to improve or fix situations in your life! Are you excited about expanding your thought process? Are you enjoying your quality of life more? Increased awareness of life has great rewards!

How valuable is your life story (legacy) to others? Who have you had an impact on? Who depends on you? These are the people who go to funerals. How would you rate the quality of your life on a scale of 1 to 10? Personal growth and quality of life are the results of how you use opportunities, your mindset, decisions, and individual action. Do you have an appetite or need for change? PLB can be your life-changing program and guide. All this PLB information will challenge Gain NEW insight into your life potential and value. Find your new possibilities for personal growth. Become happier by living a more fulfilled life. Know your Legacy will become your greatest asset after passing. Don't leave a mess for those you care for.

No matter what happens each day, is the same for everyone! You get one life. There are no "do-overs."

Your decision to read further will impact your life and others! Again, this will be the most critical and, essential life-changing information you read. Decide on the areas of life you want to change!

  • How you choose to apply it to your life creates potential.
  • Your actions determine the results of your decision for change.

Discover and define areas of your life that you choose to change and improve! What would the value of this be to you? And those you love, people you will meet and your friends?

Know that you have benefited from improving the quality of your life and those you are around. Can your today be better than yesterday? Do you believe you will wake up tomorrow for a new day?

Can one decision change your life?

Will you commit to a few minutes each day to It's self-paced. You choose what to change for improving your life management. Commitment does require courage and sacrifice.

A choice to do nothing is a choice. No action on your part does not promote growth. You stay in all your current habits, lifestyles, and situations. Unaddressed end-of-life issues will create harm to those you love and care about. No new ideas for change occur.  You are stuck with existing or ongoing frustration. Health conditions, relationships, and conflicts stay the same or get worse. Are you just living day to day, hoping for change tomorrow? Is it time to find ways you can improve?
You can choose to be a critic, complain, and judge others. Or you can want to take consistent action to improve your life and the lives of others.
Can you improve your future? Your desire for change, decisions, and actions will produce results. Everyone can enjoy new options! Reading this information will help develop new goals. It’s good to challenge your perspectives, decisions, and actions. Your life has many complex factors to consider.
  • Find what is important to you.
  • Take a look at your life inventory.  
  • Find ways to improve and be happier.

You have a valuable life story full of experience. Your story increases with each passing hour. No one can tell your story better than you! This program contains useful information to challenge what is essential to your future. Make better choices, decisions, planning, and action to improve your life.

Invest time to read the rest of this vital information on the web page. It relates to self-improvement, making your life better, reviewing end-of-life issues to protect others and the value of your legacy. What would that be worth?

Life skills include but are not limited to the following:  How would you rate yourself on a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the very best, for each of the following life skills?

Life Skills graph

The Personal Legacy Builder program will
  • challenge and improve your life and mindset.
  • Inspire you to explore life and analyze your options.
  • Provide time to expand, elevate, and check your perspectives.
  • Help you analyse your life-skills, health, communication, and relationships.
  • A time to create tangible changes and direction you choose.
  • Finally, help design a plan for end-of-life issues and your legacy building.
  • Evaluate the significance and value of being able to say “Good-Bye.”
This is all VITAL to your final legacy and those you love. Ultimately you are defined by your ACTIONS! What life-changing ideas can you develop? Let’s see…Read on!

 100% Fact: As part of your life cycle, one day, you will die. Until your unknown end of life arrives, you get to live each NEW day. The quality of life depends on your mindset, choices, decisions, and actions. Each day becomes a part of your legacy story. No one can tell your story better than you. All people get the same 86,400 seconds each day. Your choices and actions determine how you spend the time.

The decisions and actions you take determine your success and enjoyment of life. Your choices and actions can create more problems! Or make improvements that change and improve your life and the lives of others? Are you ready and open to looking at options you have to create a fuller life? This PLB program has tools to help you with ideas. Determine reasons to act and ponder suggestions for writing your legacy story!

The value of the program comes from your open mind and taking action to improve. Looking at different perspectives help determine what fits to create your change. You do this by reading and answering self-paced questions. Questions related to your situations, life skills, and life experiences. What would the value be to you, to solve, change, correct or improve the items above, you said YES to?  Imagine how one decision and action could change your life and others. KEEP READING.

Your life cycle becomes a remarkable story. Like all stories, there is a beginning, middle, and end. Are you busy only getting through each day? The majority of people don’t think much about their legacy or end of life issues until it’s too late. You are then faced with life regrets and no time to change.  This fact creates unnecessary frustration and unhappiness. What regrets/sorrows will you end up having that result from actions you never took? Will this be you? Jot down 2 items you have been putting off. By accomplishing these two items, how would your life change? You can avoid regrets by your planning, decisions, and actions NOW. This program can help find areas for personal change.

Do you gamble with the idea you have plenty of time left? Your life clock is ticking! Do you view life as a daily gift? What will your actions today create for tomorrow? Life has an opportunity filled with uncertainty! How we deal with the uncertainty, risks, and change provides wisdom. Life is short. It can unexpectedly end in a split second.  Keep Reading! Learn more ways to live your life with a higher purpose.  Engage in this PLB program. Choose to improve life-skills. Re-discover what makes you tick! One decision can change lives! Keep reading to see what challenging thoughts you develop. Jot them down! These become your priceless building blocks!

At the end of your physical life, a chapter closes for you and all the people you know. Then a new one begins for them. Their new chapter will be affected by the actions you choose to take now. What remains after your passing is your legacy. Your life story. Your story can become a priceless gift you can create for others. It will occur when you take action NOW! Your gift can impact those you love and future generations. What will your legacy be? How will others know about your life as a result of your actions now? Consider the who, what and how of this unique, beneficial, and challenging program.

  • WHO: This program is for anyone who wants to improve their life.
  • WHAT: The program is a tool to conduct a self-analysis. Find areas of your life you choose to change.
  • HOW: By answering questions about your life skills, situations, ideas, and perspectives. 
It’s about reflecting on your past, learning to excel in your present situations, and preparing for your future. Your efforts will expand your comfort zone. YOU create a review of your life inventory and mindset. You find changes needed as a result of your life inventory. Take action to create change. Your new specific plans and action can create transformational changes. What thoughts have you written down so far?
If one decision could change your life and others, would you act?

Action is needed to build quality and happiness into your life’s journey.

Make a quick list of:

  • Three things you would like to change in your life? Imagine the results of the change!
  • Three things you want to be known for in your life.
  • Three things you want to accomplish in the next year.
  • If you died unexpectedly, what three things would those you love, need from you?

You are now seeing the tip of the iceberg as to ideas you can generate for change. Your decisions and actions, resulting from this content, will challenge your current situations. As well, eye-opening and life-changing.

You will read questions to challenge your mind. Find ideas or renew ideas that help you make new decisions to create better living conditions and more significant successes.

You will not agree with everything. Every person is unique. You must find what works for you. Remember, today is a great day to live and start planning your future legacy. All we have now is the knowledge and experiences of the past and the present. Tomorrow is an unknown. What will your choices, actions, and decisions start producing today? Protect those you love! Preserve the continuation of your legacy.

Your situations, culture, faith, family, attitude, health, and communication affect your mindset. Also, in your beliefs, decisions, and who you have become. Your real value comes from evaluating what you read and how it best relates to your life. Expansion of your thought patterns provides excellent value to your life. And what about those you interact with. You determine the importance of each subject. Look at how it applies to you, your situations, and areas you desire to change.

 Are you up for that challenge? All the content presented is relevant to your life. It’s about the quality of your current mindset. As well, it’s about your FUTURE! This includes personal situations, life skills, health, relationships, communication, how you fit in, decisions, actions, and success.  Ponder, absorb, digest, and take notes: experience personal growth and the value of new ideas. Apply to your life what you consider valuable to create change.

Again, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the very best Be honest with yourself!

Keep reading until you are convinced about ways you can move closer to the 10. Define little changes. They add up to making a big difference. 

PLB is written as a life self-diagnostics, development, and legacy planning tool.

  1. It is self-paced and interactive.
  2. You set your level of effort.
  3. You define the areas you want to change!
  4. Your action is based on your motivation.
  5. Your results become your successes.

PLB is a market place for new ideas, self-evaluation, and personal growth!

  • Do you have an appetite for change?
  • What are your desires, needs, or wants?
  • What actions could move you closer to a 10?
  • What do you want to change?
  • What do you need to change?
  • What are your goals for success?
  • What is the condition of your health?
  • How stable are your relationships?
  • How good is your communication with others?
  • What are your plans of action for change?
  • What happens without a plan and action?

The tools in the program can help organize your thoughts and perspectives. You can make decisions to change and improve your quality of life! Look at what you have written down so far.

Agree or Disagree: Change will not occur overnight. Most people in this fast-paced world get caught up in the complexity of life. Once in a while, there is talk about needed change. This occurs when you see a need for change in a situation you are not happy with. The change required fails due to many items, such as lack of motivation, direction, self-discipline, opportunity, action, or support. NOT having a plan and NO follow through, creates NO change. The result: you continue in a self- made rut.  Your time goes on, “as is.” Think about the impact and consequences of past situations for yourself and others. In hindsight, what was the root cause? How could you have done things differently? What did you learn from the situation?

Change is a process that requires

This program is not something you can undertake in just one evening. It requires personal time, thought, planning, action, and consistent revisions.  Living is a daily process. The Personal Legacy Builder (PLB) program is all about you and your life journey. Life’s journey is not a straight line. Just think of all your ups and downs. Each life is filled with unexpected, yet fantastic content. What life plans do you have? Check out the FREE 22 Page – Life Plan Check List. Read more about the Life Plan under “Imagine your possibilities” below.

Your choices, decisions, and actions affected your past and present conditions. The quality of your choices, decisions, and actions NOW will impact your future!

Agree or Disagree: For those who rated yourself less than There is room for improvement!

4 important questions: Define the change you want.

This program is a tool to look at the inventory of your life. Then by your choice, find areas to improve which moves you closer to a 10. This includes better health, communication, relationships, enhanced self-image, and confidence. Make time to engage in creative thinking about improving your life skills. Look at, understand. Make new plans and take action for end-of-life issues. Again, are you open-minded? No decision or action is still your choice!

Your result: becoming happier to enjoy life more. Create a personal End-of-life Exit and Legacy Plan while taking action to improve your life. We can all agree; Life is full of unexpected situations. This includes unexpected death! This program provides a powerful opportunity to enhance your life skills. Live with a higher purpose. Create a powerful, lasting impact on yourself and others. Provide for those you love, your friends, and future generations.

It’s about improving the quality of life and building your lasting legacy!

At some location, time and cause, your body dies – the final phase of your life cycle. You become a memory. Will you become a faded memory or be a vivid memory to your family and friends? How and why will they remember you?  Your actions from now on – can help determine that! So, what is the value for your quality of life until that unknown time? How will you make the world a better place each day?

Make a quick list of 7 people who would be most affected by your unexpected death. Imagine what that day would look like for them.  What will they need?

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Explore your options!

What’s in the FREE 22-page Life Plan Check List?  The gift is a tool to check what Life plans and documents you have in place.  See if you have everything you need! Create, change, or update them as needed.  Find items and new ideas you don’t have. Find more ideas concerning possible or needed change. Take action to implement your new ideas. Make decisions to Live YOUR life with a higher purpose!
  • Think about the value and quality of your life skills.
  • Consider new ideas and decisions that create life change.
  • Start reviewing your current situations and future life direction.
  • Self-analyze your health, communication, and relationships.
  • Challenge your perspectives and self-awareness.
  • Evaluate how to tell your story best.
  • Reflect on how you fit in
  • And finally, how to keep building your legacy.

Anytime you are ready to get your FREE Life Plan Check list

Once the e-mail box appears, enter your first name and enter your e-mail.  Click Submit, and you will receive a link to download your FREE Life Plan Check List gift immediately. 

The notebook you are writing in, what ideas or thought have you written down so far?  Questions asked challenge your situations, thoughts and perspectives about yourself and others. Also, test your interaction with others and life situations. Hence the question: 
  • Are you open- minded?
  • Are you ready for challenging questions?
  • Are you ready to decide what’s important and what’s not important?
Your notes are important thoughts to build on. There are hundreds of personal development publications. Many tell you what you should be doing. To choose one, you have to identify a problem, need, or want. The Personal Legacy Builder program, as you can see now, takes a different approach. The program is self-paced
Questions asked challenge your thinking, knowledge, and daily actions. What are your situations and perspectives about your life skills? Additionally challenged are your thoughts and memories about life lessons. How well do you know your body? How is your health, communications skills, and relationships? Finally, how have you evaluated end-of-life situations for those you love. Like it or not, that time comes. It’s not if it happens, the question is when it happens! Just part of your life cycle!

This is vital to your legacy. Creating your life inventory becomes your self-assessment that builds self-awareness. You find and choose the areas of life you need and want to change!

 As you engage in your self-analysis, new ideas will develop.

It's NOT something you have to do.

Avoid having major regrets! It’s up to you to take action to create personal change!
Consider these 9 starter questions:
  • What is the value of your life to others?
  • What decisions and action determine your value?
  • What is your purpose in life?
  • What are your core beliefs?
  • How do you make life better each day?
  • Who has played an active role in your life so far?
  • What change is needed in your life?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • And the biggest question – How do you plan to get there?
Your life depends on the decisions and actions you choose NOW. Change requires action. Change can enhance your quality of life. This includes your inner-self, health, communication, relationships, and end-of-life issues. Final messages help create and build your legacy. Your legacy should become your ultimate final priceless gift to those you love and care about. It’s your choice! Create lasting, vivid memories.
Life is filled with unexpected situations. How you deal with each event, determines your next decision. You must be responsible for your own actions. Today was built from your past challenges, decisions, actions, and consequences. Do you like where you are at today? If not, what is needed to change? Your future is built from your decisions and actions today. What can you and others gain from making better decisions?
  • What one decision will change your life again?

This is an investment in your life, legacy, and others. It’s a new opportunity for life building. Invest time to read this web page. Discover one idea and decision that can change your life? It’s personal time well spent! You could experience transformational change.

Think Outside the Box!  (video)

Can creating conditions for better health, relationships, communication, and end-of-life issues, improve your life? How about the lives of others? What about your ability to have empathy and a better understanding of others? Or could your self-image or perspective of life change, and improve? Could this extend and enhance your life? You won’t know unless you read more, watch the short videos, and take action.

Video 1          Video 2          Video 3          Video 4          Video 5

Videos are not active yet!

What happens if you die unexpectedly? Will a bad decision cause it? End-of-Life issues face many people every day! Imagine. What will that day look like for your family and friends?  Your passing becomes a sudden, unexpected life-changing event. Even after an extended illness! How will they face their grief?

Grief is a process that you can help make more comfortable. Often, it’s a painful, lonely, difficult, challenging, confusing, stressful, and terrifying time. Some are overwhelmed with dark thoughts. Consequences include depression, confusion, lack of direction, and financial issues. Their life becomes filled with doubt, fear, and emotional pain.
There is no magical reset button, time for a do-overs, or room to have regrets! Imagine how your death will affect those you love? Your decisions and actions now will directly affect the results of their future. This includes a choice of NO action. Did you watch Video 1? What thoughts did you have?
What would be the cost to your family if you died with a lot of unresolved issues? What can you do now to help them at that point, to reach an acceptance of your passing so they can truly heal? Your letters and information will significantly help that process. These items will become priceless treasures.

Explore your options!  Imagine your possibilities!

Some of your life skills include decision making, relationship building, respect, money management, trust, teamwork, conflict resolution, time management, confidence building, personal health, problem-solving, goal setting and follow through.  Which ones do you identify with? (Review the life skills graph above and answer the questions)

More Questions to ponder:

  • Why do you exist?
  • What happens when you die?
  • While living, is your most valuable asset time or health?
  • Is it possible to improve your life skills? If so, which ones?
  • How do you make the necessary changes?
  • If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
  • What is involved in making the change?
  • What could be the benefit of the change?
  • What is your biggest concern?
  • What scares you the most?
  • What is the root cause of these 2 items?
  • What precisely would it take to improve?
  • What would be the personal benefits?
  • What holds you back from change?
  • At your time of death, is your most valuable asset your legacy?
  • What will be done with the stuff you accumulated (your estate)?
  • Will it go to your family or the state? Your choice!

Every single person has unique values.  Each day you add to your unique life story. Your story, like all others, is essential and contains valuable life lessons.

Benefit from the tools in this program about writing your life story. Your written account of your story becomes your legacy. Remember:

NO one - can tell your story

Your story needs to be written. Share your life so others can benefit from your experience.
Do you ever think about the consequences of your words and actions? How do they affect those you love, your friends, your business, and your legacy? Can you increase the value and quality of your relationships by the decisions you make? No matter what age you are, these factors lead to decisions and action that changes lives. Agree or Disagree: Can we always do better?
The questions asked in the PLB program present a personal challenge. This includes your thoughts, options, opinions, moral compass decisions, and perspectives. This is a valuable time to question your past, present situations, and your upcoming plans. Identify what is important! How do you impact others? Expand your comfort zones. Examine what you have learned from your past. Analyze your current conditions. Finds ways to make your future happier and more secure! You must Create a good change!
Take a serious look at your future. Know when to leave old doors closed. Learn how to search for and open new doors. Look at each new day as a gift and opportunity to make the world better. Life becomes better when we help others. This program has unique, essential components. Each can help you find new ideas, resulting in decisions to grow as a person. What thoughts have just come to mind?
See how you will answer the following questions that apply to you? Watch the short videos. Continue reading this page to explore the program and your mind. Your thoughts and perspectives about life may change. As you absorb the information about the Personal Legacy Builder program, apply your thoughts and ideas to action. Your quality of life can improve.
Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Question: What do you miss out on in life, by the actions you don’t take?

At any time, you choose to get your
FREE22 page Life Plan Check List, click a logo or scroll to the bottom for the green button.
  Agree or disagree: Your vision is different than your mission.
Your dreams are visions that require action.  Your mission is your purpose in life. Your happiness, personal direction, choices, ethical decision making and action, changes lives. You can make the world better than you found it. Success is not an accident. The focus of this program is about you – your life story, your quality of life, and facing end-of-life issues.
What’s the value of your vision and mission? Does it include personal growth, health, length and quality of life, and your happiness? Included are life skills, life mapping, communication, relationships, and end-of-life issues. From this point forward, it’s about your decisions, actions, and how you respond to the consequences. How valuable is a transformational change in your life and others?

You have 3 stages in your life: a beginning, middle and end!

First, your beginning. As a result of a choice, decision and action, you were conceived. For the next 40 weeks, thousands of complex chemical reactions took place. You developed into many complex systems. You were in a controlled environment and nurtured by the food your mother ate. As you grew, people prepared to receive you into the world. You then entered the world through birth.  You were totally dependent at first on other people caring for you. You did not choose to be here. However, you are now one of over 7 billion other unique people. You have an opportunity at life!

Next, the middle. Based on life circumstances and how you deal with each situation, you develop a unique, valuable, and essential life story. Your life is filled with unexpected events to learn from. Over time you collect a lot of material stuff and life baggage. You affect other people. Your choices, decisions, and actions develop and create your legacy.  Nobody can tell your story better than you. Right now, during the middle part of your life, what would be the value to engage in a self-paced, self-analysis? Look at your current life map. Are you open to expand your comfort zone? How would becoming happier, healthier, improving relationships, communicating better, and being more productive be beneficial?

Finally, end-of-life issues exist! Death is as much a part of life, as is birth. When you die, it’s a fact, those who remain, experience a sudden life-altering event. Do you know and care what the issues are? Who is affected? What is needed from you, for them to cope, finding resolve from the information you left, and continue being happy for the remainder of their life? How important are their emotions? How important are your memories and life lessons to other people? How will your legacy affect those you love, future generations, and your estate?

Note: The logo contains these three circles, representative of the 3 phases of your life. A complete description of the logo symbols are at the bottom of the web site.

Are you curious to learn more? What thoughts have come to mind since reading this page? What have you written down?

 If one decision could change your life and others, would you act? What holds you back? What is your biggest obstacle or fear? What does it feel like to be alone in your thoughts? What gives you hope, faith, and love? What provides your direction, motivation, and encouragement? What are your current plans for action? How will your actions affect your future? What makes you tick? What makes other people tick?

FREE 22-page Life Plan Check List offer below and short videos.

Engage in your personal self-paced, self-analysis. Are you open to new ideas and solutions to life issues and successes? Are you open to take a close look at yourself?  What would a decision to change your life be worth?

You only live once. Is there value in looking at your life map? Where have you been? Where are you at NOW? Where are you going? Each person has a life on earth, your material life. Do you have a life exit plan? If not, why not?

What life challenges have you had or currently having? How do those challenges affect you and others? What choices and decisions have brought you to this point in your life?  

Do you ever look at other people and wonder about their life challenges? What makes them tick? Are you quick to judge? Are you tolerant and understanding? Do you take the time to listen to others? Do you ever think about how your actions and words affect their life? Is there personal value in looking for and learning ways to improve your life? Are you thankful for what you have? Do you consistently search for the root cause of a problem? The information in this program could help create transformational changes. Reduce stress! Live longer by improving your life. 

FACT: People die daily. You or the person you interact with today may be gone tomorrow!  Unexpected deaths and challenges are a part of each person’s life cycle. A person’s death changes other lives immediately. This creates End-of-Life issues. What information and planning are necessary for you to leave for those still living? By your choice now, will they have the tools they need to cope with your passing?

What about the quality of the time you have left? What decisions can make your life better? Can you be happier? Can you be a better person? Will you decide to improve your life? Can you gain a new deeper appreciation for love, trust, and commitment? Do you learn from your adversity? Do you look for the good in others? Are you slow to anger? Do you thrive on change? What changes do you need? Your decisions and actions affect each of your remaining days. Imagine discovering new life ideas and directions. How would this improve your life?

Don’t become or let your family be a victim of chance, inaction, or bad decisions. Don’t allow others to be a victim resulting from your neglect, facing your end-of-life issues.

Make clear, written short, and long term plans. Identify and get out of ruts ASAP. Reduce bad habits? Communicate better. Improve relationships. Expand your comfort zone. Think positive. You are complex and unique! Every life has value! Develop your life map! What are you missing out on in life? What is your biggest challenge today? What is your plan? Where did you picture yourself five years ago for today? Where do you picture yourself in the next five years? Think outside your box!

Make specific plans for your end-of-life cycle. Then enjoy life more!

You can make better decisions. Use this program to find tools, make plans, and take action to create personal change?

  • Wht s mssng? (What is missing?) Small things make a difference.
  • What past decisions have affected your present condition?
  • What decisions today will affect your future?

What could make your life happier?

  • What action is needed to make a change?
  • How can your actions improve the quality of life?
  • Who depends on you and is affected by your life?
  • What is your biggest challenge in life?
  • How can you leave a lasting legacy?
  • How do you fit in?

Re-discover yourself and others. Engage in your self-analysis of life skills, life mapping, communication, happiness, relationships, health, and end-of-life issues. Know how you fit in. Take a close look at your life map! Where have you been and where are you going!

What past or current conflict's, issues or situations in your life hold you back?

  • Think again about how you rated yourself earlier regarding the quality of your life right now. Do you have room for improvement?
  • What notes have you written down?
  • What makes you tick?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is the purpose of your life?
  • What is the value of your life, legacy, and friends?
  • What do you value most in life?
  • How much time do you spend trying to reopen closed doors?
  • Do you want to get more value out of life?
  • If you died unexpectedly, who would be most affected? List 10 people that come to mind.
  • What issues and problems are created for them as a result of your death?
  • Do you have a plan for them? If not, they become the victim of your inaction!
  • How will those still living profit from knowing your legacy.
  • How will future generations know your legacy?
  • How will others survive your death?
  • What do you want to be remembered for?
  • If you rated yourself less than 10 on the first question, there is room for improvement. Do you agree? What life changes do you need or want to improve? Write them down. This is a process! What is necessary to move in the direction of a life quality of 10?  Challenge yourself. Invest in your self- assessment/evaluation.

This Personal Legacy Builder program is an investment in your personal development of life and those you care about!

Agree or Disagree: Everyone has accumulated life baggage. Your Life has unexpected changes. Each new day is full of challenges.

You make numerous daily decisions. How do you face your challenges? Every situation has a root cause. What value will your new day have? How will you make today better than yesterday?

 What is the value to you, to decide and find ways to get more out of life? This program is a result of 65 years of life lessons and interaction with thousands of people. The Personal Legacy Builder program is a tool for your self-analysis and life improvements. This is an opportunity to evaluate your life map, personal circumstances, and direction. This is an examination of what makes you tick. This includes self-development for life skills, personal health, communications, relationships, and Legacy building. Finally, you must consider ideas to avoid our end-of-life issues. When you make a choice to move forward, you will see yourself and others in a different light. This sets the stage for you to gain personal growth and change.

Again, the Personal Legacy Builder program is about you. What internal issues and conflicts hold you back? Are you in a rut? Do you consistently search for answers on how to live better and become happier? Or do you only live day by day? Do you find ways to make today better than yesterday? Do you need to get out of a life rut or unproductive habit? Now is the time to sort out what’s important and what isn’t important. This is a time to examine the value of your life. Do you want to leave a significant legacy? If so, you must take action.

Again, what would be the value to you, of a decision that could change your life and legacy?

Your Life cycle is a complex sequence of events, emotions, and interactions. Your life has a beginning, middle, and end.

Everything you encounter and experience is in the middle. You can control or adjust situations by the decisions and actions you take. 

You can plan or not plan for the unknown end. Is it essential for you to consider how your end-of-life situation will affect those you love?

What would you do in these unexpected situations?

  • Imagine at the age of 13, discovering that your mother….
  • Imagine your high school years filled with a mother and brother who were…
  • Imagine being confronted with a decision to end…
  • Imagine learning that your father had no…
  • Imagine not knowing where your father…
  • Imagine at the age of 46, learning in a courtroom that …
  • Imagine learning at age 47 that your brother…
  • Imagine at age 48, meeting…
  • Imagine at age 60, being confronted with a…
  • Imagine getting a phone call that your grandson…
  • Imagine learning at age 65, who…

The answers to these eleven incomplete statements are included in the author’s  True-Life Story and revealed throughout the Personal Legacy Builder program. All the situations were totally unexpected and life-changing. Every person has a unique, personal life story. We need to keep in mind that there is always someone who is in a worse situation. However, that does not reduce the importance and value of our circumstances and how you try to resolve the issues.

Every person has unique talents and a special gift. What’s in your life story? What lessons have you learned? How have the challenges changed your life? Who have you had an effect on? Who is special in your life? When is the last time you let them know?

Use this the Legacy Builder program guide to write final letters and gather crucial personal information. We never know what the next hour will bring! Be aware of the areas of life you can choose to improve. Create positive change in your life and others by your actions. It’s rewarding. Find more free time.

Do you have time... Does anything hold you back?

Is it possible for you to develop better relationships, improve life skills, health, and create an end-of-life exit plan? Would this help you live longer? Could this allow you to die happier, knowing your legacy and life is in order? Your proper planning now for those you love will make a difference in their future? Actively seek areas of your life you can improve. The program will lead to invaluable ideas and decisions which can change your life and others.

This program is a personal guide. Invest time to experience a self-analysis. Find what makes you tick. Get more pleasure in the middle part of life. Expand your comfort zone. Confront the conflicts that hold you back. Enjoy your life more. Find life skills, lifestyles, health, and relationship building ideas. Write final letters and prepare for end-of-life concerns.
Choose to make life improvements. Realize and appreciate how you fit in. Create and leave a priceless gift to others, especially if death comes unexpectedly. This is your valuable legacy gift. It’s your contribution to those you care about and future generations. It’s your decision! A decision not to do anything is still a choice and an action.

Have you ever seen a product so valuable that every person should own? Then want to read and refer to for improving the life journey? As we change, so does life!

The Why? The author’s purpose in developing the Personal Legacy Builder program is to help you. Each person needs to identify different areas of life that you choose to improve. Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years? Do you have a written plan to get there? Imagine, by engaging in self-evaluation, you; can develop one new thought, idea or decision than can be transformational. This fact can make a positive change in your life. Again, this includes your life skills, legacy, health, relationships, and, communications. Not to mention your end-of-life issues, or impact on another person’s life. What’s important to you?

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One decision and action can change a life.

Your self-evaluation becomes a time to review and challenge your thoughts and perspective. A time to look at and question your quality of life. A time to inspect your moral compass, past and present conflicts, along with developing personal direction for your future. You will find in yourself, the situations you want or need to change. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Develop new personal goals along with making a life road map to get there. This allows each person to organize thoughts for personal action. You can write final messages to those you love and for the future generations to come. This program is a means to write your Legacy which is a priceless gift to others.

Conducting your personal self-analysis helps identify what makes you tick. By having this opportunity to identify specific ways to improve, a person can enjoy his/her own life more.  When is the last time you took an in-depth look at yourself? What decisions and life skills have developed your current life map? Make time to review where you are now?

This introduction web page engages your thoughts. The FREE 22-page Life Plan Check List is a gift you can get below.  The FREE gift allows you to check mark the needed item you have in place and to identify areas of life you can choose to improve. Then explains in detail what is included in the program:

  • Personal development ideas
  • The different parts of the program to get more out of life
  • Potential benefits
  • and intended purposes and tools to accomplish your plan.

Again, the program is about:

  • building your personal legacy
  • finding areas of life to improve
  • helping other people
  • and look at ways to become happier.
  • Ultimately enjoy life more and creating an end-of-life Exit Plan and lasting legacy.

By gathering relevant, necessary information and learning to use ways to enhance your life skills, you can develop personal means to extend your life. Again, these programs intend to supply just one item or thought to help make your life experiences better. Are you up to this challenge? Everyone should give this careful thought. Then ACT to ensure your legacy lives for future generations. This is a must-have product everyone should invest in.

This entire Program has extensive information shared from the life experiences of the author and the thousands of people he interacts with.  The program has over 1600 questions about many phases and areas of life. The questions probe your inner thoughts, action, perspectives about life, and your interactions with others. This helps find a more unobstructed view of what makes you tick.

Agree or Disagree: While living, your health and time are your most valuable assets. What you accomplish during that time builds your legacy. Would you consider your legacy/heritage the most valuable asset after death vs. the material possessions you acquired?

Your legacy defines your life accomplishments. Others can gain value from your life lessons. Your Legacy is a gift or a bequest that a person leaves to others. This gift is endowed or conveyed from you to another. What effect can your legacy have on your family and future generations? Your legacy is something others come into possession of that is transmitted, inherited, or received from you, as a result of the decisions and action you take.

Plan & invest in yourself now – tell your story as life is limited and has unexpected changes. NO ONE PERSON can tell your story better than YOU!

Live longer – by self-assessment of life skills, conflicts, health, and relationships. Make wise planning decisions

Die Happy knowing you have made plans to protect those you love

by leaving a memorable legacy, final letters, and necessary end-of-life information.

Agree or Disagree: Life has a wide range of people, from the homeless to the famous, and from the richest to the poorest. No matter the circumstances, each person has a unique life story and value. Life has extraordinary value created by an individual’s account of life lessons. This includes conflicts, fears, hopes, dreams, opportunities, accomplishments, and memories that become your legacy.

NO one can tell your story

The Personal Legacy Builder program is a unique product every person should own NOW. This is due to life’s unexpected changes. Create your legacy document with the experiences you want others to remember. This involves writing your story to your family, friends, and future generations.

The purpose of the Personal Legacy Builder program is to be a guide that helps you tell your life legacy story. When you write or record the account of your life story, the story becomes a priceless gift. The program guides you through engaging in a Self-analysis. The process helps find areas of life and life skills you can choose to improve. Improvement stretches your comfort zone while extending enjoyment, quality, and length of life.

The program comes from the writer’s passion and desire to help others record their life story. Also, avoid the end of life issues and learn ways to live a happier life. The development of this program is the result of life experiences learned before and after the writer’s father died. The goal is to help others regain a great appreciation for the complexity and exceptional value of their life.  They are thereby supplying ideas and tools to create your legacy.

The Personal Legacy Builder is an easy process to begin. Read this page of information. Fill in your best e-mail address below, click submit. You will receive the FREE gift, straight to your inbox – The Life Plan Check List and some short videos outline and explain the value of the program. Determine what items of value you have not considered. Again, find areas of life you can choose to improve.

FREE 22-page Life Plan Check List offer below and short videos

Why do only *54% of people have a written will? Why do only *52% of people buy life insurance? Do they do this to protect and provide for those you care about in the event of an unexpected death? Of course. Is it to look out for the financial needs of your family. Surveys show most decisions to buy insurance or make a will depend on income.  Other factors include education, understanding the need, and the complicated insurance and legal profession laws and guidelines. * Depends on which survey you review.

Why do less than 10% of people have a written legacy? Make time to watch Video 1. Its only 4 minutes. Why do so few people have a complete, written end-of-life exit plan?  Over 6000 people in the US don’t get another day to live. Imagine the conflicts and issues that suddenly come up because of the death, either unexpected or not. Especially when you have not taken time to create the items discussed in this program.

Upon your death, what are your families immediate emotional, physical, and financial needs? Who will be immediately affected? Write down a list of 12 people that come to mind.

This program covers multiple areas in life, which includes legacy building and end-of-life needs. These are important, making sure your legacy lives on plus many more benefits as you will read about. It’s a product every person should have and is inexpensive to get! Determine if you agree with the following relevant information. How do these subjects affect you and your life situations? Determine while reading this program, what personal action is necessary for your life.  Write this down and take action before it’s too late.

This program is a result of the author’s personal life story and baggage that translates into a deep desire to help other people. Inclusive of many ups and downs such as; confusing thoughts, life secrets, challenges, relationships, communication, marriage, raising children, divorce, mistakes, and successes. Also, the deaths of family members and friends. Heartaches, love, observations, unexpected obstacles, personal perspectives, discussions, and life lessons learned. Plus, a desire to become better each day, by the experiences I have gained which everyone can relate to. I have a passion for helping each person get more out of life and avoid hurtful end-of-life issues.

The Personal Legacy Builder program is about gaining more insight into yourself and those you interact with. It’s about developing more compassion and tolerance for others. Finally, the need for making the right decisions that improve different areas of your life.

Is it beneficial to seek ways to become better people? What holds you back? What is needed in your life for a change?

The Personal Legacy Builder program is a unique product every person should own NOW. This is due to your life’s unexpected changes and desire to be happy. Create your legacy document with the experiences you want others to remember. Allow them to learn from your messages. This involves writing your story for your family, friends, and future generations.

 Your changes in life require personal action. Act NOW!

FREE 22-pageLife Plan Check List offer below and short videos

How can others enjoy the value of your life? Generations of DNA have been passed on to you. Your DNA is passed along to your children. Doesn’t it make sense to also pass along your written life story of lessons and perspectives to them as well? Friends and family deserve to hear about past life experiences. They must have the opportunity to learn from your life conditions and know more about who you were. You are their heritage.

Take this to heart: You are now the seeds to future generations. Your life’s harvest develops by the decisions and actions you make. You are NOW the harvest of the seeds from the past generations. Is the harvest fruitful? The future harvest/yield is determined by your life and actions now.  Will that harvest be fruitful?

Agree or Disagree: We are all faced with life villains, i.e. conflicts. These items disrupt our everyday life skills, routines, habits, relationships, communication, and health. What 3 villains cause you the most frustration? Examples include time and money management, health, a mate, and our jobs. Also, relationship building, communication, acceptance, rejection, family, school, status, temperament, distractions, self-motivation, or procrastination. Do we need to know what internal conflicts these items create? Can we learn to make decisions to improve situations? The questions asked in the program will help in finding your inner conflicts and emotions. People look for solutions to enjoy life more.

100% fact we can all agree on – You are born, live a life, and die. People do not like to face their mortality, yet we see or hear reports of unexpected death every day. Imagine the countless lives every day that are unexpectedly disrupted. The root cause can be a split second of inattention, distraction, stupidity, or a wrong decision. Their sudden death or the death of someone they know affects many. What happens to them when there is no plan in place? What would happen in your situation?

Have you watched Video 1? Take a few minutes to view. See what thoughts come to mind!

Each new day we wake up to, there is always one unanswered question we do not think about, “how much time do I have left?” Death is the natural end of a life cycle. What’s left is your legacy, the story of how you lived, and the impact you had on other people. Again, NO one can tell your story better than you. Every life story has complicated issues. These include memories, accomplishments, and life lessons. The impact of your life on others can make the world a better place. When not recorded before you die, how will the memories last? We must think about the people we can inspire, which is part of our success and legacy. Also left behind, is all the stuff you accumulated. What happens to that?  This is a major end-of-life concern.

FREE 22-pageLife Plan Check List offer below and short videos

When you die, others continue living. Your funeral becomes a time for others to celebrate your life. You can have an impact on the rest of their lives, depending on the information you leave. Also, someone has to deal with your estate issues and distributing your stuff. Actions now, to get the Personal Legacy Builder program, provides a path for making end of life issues more comfortable for your family. Make time to write out your personal information and thoughts. Your legacy is valuable to them. Discover ways you can live a longer, happier, and healthier life. Collecting your personal information is helpful to your families continued journey of life. This also affects future generations. It’s a matter of caring, pride, choice, and action. This program can be life-changing for yourself and then for others when you do die.

The Personal Legacy Builder program serves as a guide. The guide presents a self-paced opportunity to think outside the box. Allow yourself personal time to engage in self-reflection. This results in self-analysis, self-awareness, and enriched self-discipline. This process improves life skills, health, communications, relationships, and end-of-life matters. Internal issues created by the external villains in our lives hold us back.

Plan NOW – Live Longer – Die happy.

From the moment your life ends, how do you want others to remember you? Who will be immediately affected? What have you done to ensure your memory and estate remains intact and safe for others? We must consider and understand what issues develop when we die. You have a choice to help define how people will remember you. Help those affected by your death, by the actions you choose to take, starting today. Your planning with the Personal Legacy Builder creates a priceless and timeless gift.

Can you relate to what you have read so far? Is there room for self-improvement? Do you want to learn more about making your life better? One decision can change a life!! The program contains a valuable toolkit filled with a vast marketplace of ideas, which present thoughtful, challenging questions. It’s easy to move forward. Fill in your best e-mail address and click the submit button.

You will receive several short videos to challenge your thoughts, explaining the value and importance of the program, plus the 

The list details 27 potential, personal benefits you can achieve from investing in the program. Additionally, the Life Plan Check List includes the 10 plus items included in the programs about life improvement and planning. Each part of the program is explained. Plus, two bonus gifts included with each program.  See what you need to do to improve your Life Plan. Should you not have one, this is an excellent place to begin. This program is a product every person should invest in. Then actively read, review, take notes, and create action. 

Imagine how your life can improve.  What is your vision for your life? Is there room for improvement? Get started to identify those parts.

Take Action!!!  Free 22-page – Life Plan Check List gift – What’s on your mind now?  You can get the Plan now or read on for additional perspectives.

In this Life Plan Check List, see what the program includes. Start identifying areas of your life and ways you can learn or choose to improve your life skills.

  • Learn to live longer.
  • Get more out of life.                                   You have 2 clear choices:
  • Become happier.                                      
  • Reduce your stress.                               Take Action to create change or                   
  • Change directions as needed.        Do nothing and stay where you are at!
  • Become healthier.
  • Reduce frustration.                         > What’s in your future?
  • Communicate better.                            > What action is needed?
  • Create a lasting legacy.                                      > Plan now!
  • See where you fit in.
  • Build stronger relationships.                      Explore your options!
  • Overcome end-of-life issues.
  • Appreciate your life cycle more.                          Question:
  • Start a new life chapter.                                Is your Comfort Zone
  • Evaluate your purpose in life.                               Stretching?
  • Make better life-changing decisions.
  • Make life adjustments or attitude changes. 
  • Make today better than yesterday.

In your Life Plan Check List, see what the program includes. Start identifying what you can do to improve your life skills.

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Back to your two options!

  • Do nothing to improve life skills actively and or not plan for the event of death.  Just continue living day by day which is a choice and an action


  • Make a Life Plan – Engage yourself in a self-evaluation to identify areas of life to improve. Become happier. Also, plan for your end-of-life event while in good health. Then enjoy your life each day. Make a daily difference in the world, practicing better life skills.

  Your action to engage in this process is essential. Create a priceless gift to others while adding years of enjoyment to your life.

Agree or Disagree:  It’s a 100% fact, at some unknown point in time, place, and reason every person will die, either unexpectedly or from natural causes. This is the unknown when, where and how question.  A lack of planning now will cause harm, stress, and anxiety to others in the future.  Think about the day you die. Who will be immediately affected? Your problems vanish. But what will be left for them to resolve? Your decisions now and action will help determine how that situation will go for them.

This Personal Legacy Builder program is packaged with valuable information, ideas, and life skill questions that concern your life and those you love, including your friends.

What has been the legacy of those who lived before you? What do you know about the value of their life experiences? What DNA traits do you have from them? How have you been affected?

Your legacy, as well as those around you, are being created every day. Do you ever think about what legacy you will leave your family, community, or the world?  What happens when you decide not to write down your life accomplishments?  How will your legacy exist or live on? You must invest personal time to build and record your legacy. Get the information written down.  Don’t just become a memory that fades away after the funeral. Make your legacy a valuable part of your Life Exit Plan. Create a priceless and timeless gift.

Just above, we all agreed; every person will die. This is a 100% fact. Right? We can also agree that questions exist which humanity has no answer to. Such as when did the universe start? Where did humankind come from? Depending on your background, faith, and culture, differing responses exist. Do we exist due to evolution or creationism? What is our purpose in life? No one knows for sure. However, we all have an opportunity to make a difference in the people we know.

We do know for sure that since the 1800s in just 150 years, the world has advanced through the actions of many people and great legacies have been left to us. Before 1800, there are also hundreds of famous people who made significant contributions to society. What will be your legacy?

  • Humanity has lived through the industrial revolution bringing the advent of steel, electricity, the light bulb, gasoline, the telegraph, the telephone, the automobile, the train, and flight.
  • Next was the nuclear age and two world wars.  Thousands of medical developments and surgical procedures were created, including the development of antibiotics. The life span of a human has almost doubled.
  • Then the space race to the moon and space exploration. This was the beginning of the computer age, which transitioned to the development of the internet. This created a world of instant information.
  • We have seen business cycles evolve from old fashioned mail service to fax machines, the floppy disc, FedEx, UPS, e-mail, and GPS to mention a few.
  • Next, we entered the social media age of communication, being able to send instant images and messages anywhere in the world. Question: Are we losing the social skills of actual interaction. We also have refined DNA testing making, it easy to learn about your heritage.
  • Now we are on the verge of exponential emergence of artificial intelligence development.  This includes numerous robotic devices. How will this transform how we live now?  Time will tell. A key element is that artificial intelligence will not have emotions, feelings, or tears, key elements of human life.

Where life goes from here is yet to be determined. One absolute fact remains, our human life will end at some unknown point in time, place, and cause. Most people choose or do not want to face this fact.  Death leaves a great void in those they love. The result of not taking personal responsibility NOW to face this fact creates unnecessary hurt in the future.

When our life concludes, time and the world will continue to live on, just as it has done in the past. What will happen after you die? How will your actions NOW affect that day? Other people will feel the effects of your death immediately and for some time after your death. The big question is, what will your legacy be for the world? How will you be remembered in the generations to come? What did you do to make sure your legacy is written out? How will you have made the world a better place, and how will others learn about this?

Again, what two options do you have?

  • Do nothing to plan for that event of death which is a choice and an action or
  • Plan for the event while in good health, then enjoy your life, making a daily difference in the world, practicing great life skills.

The process does require time, thought, and planning. Your efforts become a priceless gift.

Again, life has a beginning, a middle, and an end. These periods develop your unique life story. No one can tell the story better than you!!

  • The beginning, conception, is the start of an individual’s life’s journey. No one asked to be here.
  • The middle years formulated by our parents, surrounding conditions and other people, include challenges, choices, decisions, opportunities, and consequences. Through our adversities and successes, this helps determine who we become, how we interact and impact others. This gives value to your valuable life lessons. Part of learning and growing up involves making mistakes in life.  Some decisions are not as good as others, but this still provides value based on what we learn and use from the situation. Good or bad, the situations move us forward.
  • Life’s end is the moment in time of the when, where, and how questions that, fortunately, are unknown, that you take your last breath. Live life with purpose!

At that end moment in time, from old age or at an unexpected split second, who will be immediately affected? Make a quick top 10 list. How will they be quickly changed and for how long? What adjustments will be necessary for them? What arrangements will have to be made? Who would come to your funeral services? Who will prepare the eulogy? How will the funeral be paid for? Who will settle your estate issues? Based on the decisions and actions you make now while you are of sound mind and body can make a vast difference to others during that stressful period.

How will you be remembered? What would you want Your Final Messages to be to those you love and respect? What would you want for resolving your estate? Especially if you die unexpectedly. If you choose not to write anything down for them NOW, your life experiences and unique lessons learned, which others can benefit from, will fade quickly away over a short period. Your unresolved estate issues will create many aggravating, hurtful, and stressful problems.

One last time: Back to your two choices.

One – Do nothing. Just keep living day by day. Don’t make any changes!!  Accept life as it is.

Two – Make a plan

  • invest personal time to write letters to record your unique, valuable life lesson and
  • to organize and record information needed for that uncertain moment of death to direct your estate wishes.
  • Engage yourself in a personal self-evaluation, self-analysis to review your life skills in relationships, communication, and health.
  • Create new visions and or set new goals as to where you want to go in your life.
  • Create your road map! Where do you want to be in the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years?
  • 10 years ago, where did you think you would be today?  Did you have a plan?

Your messages and actions now will become priceless gifts. It’s not an action you have to do. It’s an action you get to do.

Fortunately, every person right now can make a choice: Invest in the Personal Legacy Builder program. A Choice to prepare Your Final Messages and Exit Plan. Engage in your self-analysis. Provide necessary items and information for those affected by your death. Your action NOW will ease the tension, discomfort, hurt, confusion, pain, and void that your death will someday, suddenly create.

Fill in your e-mail address below in the green box. Click Submit to get your Free 21-page Life Check List Planning guide of what is contained in the Personal Legacy Builder Program Your Final Messages will become part of your Personal Life Exit Plan. Also, see what other people use as excuses for not taking action on this most critical life matter.

AGAIN – Consider these 3 “can” Questions?

Can one decision change your life?

Can one decision change another person’s life?

Can another person survive your death? 

Invest your time and Prepare a complete End-of-life Exit Plan which, will become a priceless gift to those you love. This will help you live more at ease, knowing that should something unexpected happen; those you love will have the protection and information they need! How valuable would that feeling be?

A final reminder: Your results from this program can lead to self-improvement. This includes better health, communication, relationships, and enhanced self-image. Make time to engage in creative thinking. The end result, becoming happier to enjoy life and to help create a personal End-of-life Exit Plan. This has a powerful, lasting impact on yourself. Not to mention the lives of other people, especially those you love and the generations to come. It’s your legacy! It’s your heritage!

 Further, this program facilitates many ideas in evaluating your self-image and self-worth. This includes your standards and principles as well as your value to others and life in general. Review the notes and thoughts you have written down so far. Formulate actions and follow through with action. Are you really open minded? Do you actively look for ways to expand your personal growth? Let your actions become proof that you are. Create change in your life starting right now. For anyone who has not watched these short videos further challenge your thoughts further, now is a good time.

Agree or Disagree:  The content I have just read has provided many new thoughts that I need to take action on to improve my life. I need to get my FREE Life Plan Check List.


Protect those you love.  Build your Legacy.  Don’t let in-action create countless consequences.

ACT NOW! It’s an easy process.

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Theses short videos further challenge your thoughts and explain more about the program.

Any questions or comments use this e-mail address: 

life@personallegacybuilder.com or you can call 505-615-7309

Copyright 2016 – Personal Legacy Builder, LLC – No part of this information may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Personal Legacy Builder, LLC

It takes the right decisions and action to build quality into your life’s journey. Your growth, interaction with others, and personal successes are dependent on good choices and decisions.

Action can build the quality of your life’s journey. Agree or Disagree: Your growth, interaction, and success need positive decisions and actions.

*About the Logo: There are three rings, as mentioned earlier. These represent your 3 phases of life. The beginning, middle, and end. In the overlap are the letters PLB. This is your remaining legacy.  The heartbeat symbol represents life. The black line at the base represents your time of passing. Do you see how one decision can change your life?  Start NOW!

For those who see the value of this information, please share this page on social media with your friends. You can make a difference in their life!

Agree or Disagree: Time seems to speed up the older we get. We all have a limited, unknown length of time in this life.  It’s wise to make plans for the best use of our time every day.

Take action to improve the life you have. See what new ideas you get from the Personal Legacy Builder.

This timer started at 23 hours 59 minutes and, 59 seconds when the web page loaded.  How much time have you invested in gaining ideas on how to improve your life? This timer is also a reminder that our time ticks away. It’s your choice as to how you get the most benefit for the time you have. This is the first day of the rest of your life!

What ideas came to mind, that could change your life? Review your notes.  What new insights have you come up with? Has this been time well spent? Enjoy the information and questions contained in the FREE 21-Page Life Plan Check List. Take time to compose your own “what if” questions. May you have a long, healthy, and prosperous life from the changes you choose to make as a result of reading this PLB program.


Where are you headed in life? There are so many paths. Where do you want to be in 5 years? How will you get there?  Whats your plan? This program will help you refine your ideas, possible routes, and goals. But you must take action. Look at the map of St. Louis. St. Louis represents where you are at now. So many different directions to go.  Each one can lead you to a new adventure. Note the clock below. Life consistently ticks away.  Are you using your time wisely?