Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Each packet of information ordered, is to be used strictly by one individual, for developing and building their own personal Legacy and Exit Plan.  The packet of information contains an electronic license should it be copied.  Once you receive the packet, it will have your order number which you will register online to have it activated by a code you will receive when you register for the Academy.

Enter your first name and current e-mail to receive your 1st free gift. Should any updates be made, you will be sent the updates. When you realize the personal value of the information, share the site with your friends, so they can get their free gift as well. The PLB Academy is a learning experience everyone should have the opportunity to experience.

This process is necessary especially for those who receive the packet as a gift.  Should an individual copy these packets in any form without written authorization, the action is considered theft of intellectual property and is subject to all state and federal copyright laws.

The information contained in the packets is not intended to be any form of legal or medical advice.  Its intent is to raise questions, for the purpose of elevating your levels of thinking and perspective about life. It is for you to think about and to take action in an active role in developing your own written Legacy and Personal Exit Plan.

The PLB Academy programs is a tool and guide to help you create change to improve your life. Your final letters written are to establish an important part of the Extend Your Life Plan. The Extend Your Life Plan includes reading questions to challenge your thinking about life.

This packet of information can make a great gift for another person who is special to you.

To get the most out of the program, read the first couple of blocks of the Home page. Then listen to the short video series. Write down in a notebook the new thoughts that will be triggered.  

Next, continue reading the Home page. You will find PLB Academy’s 5 intro web pages. You can click on the PLB Logo or the word GIFT at any time to get your 1st FREE gift.  Start today. The first free gift is the transcript of the first eight short videos. This contains the 103 questions you get to detail your answers to. This provides a new path in expanding how you think about life. The 2nd gift contains the 1st 4 of the 15 personal exercises to expand your mindset. Finally, the 3rd Free Gift is a Life Plan Check List. See more details regarding the free gifts at the bottom of the About page.

– Planned release date – October or November 2020