Your Exit Plan

Your Exit Plan

Did you know: In 1970, the world population was only 3.2 billion people.  In 2018, 48 years later, the population had more than doubled to 7.4 billion. In 1970, the US population was 203,392,031. The U.S. entered 2016 with an estimated population of 322,762,018, according to an end-of-year estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau.

54 % of the U.S. population die without a will. Do you ever wonder why? Do you know what the consequences are to other people? That is over 174,200,000 people. Wills can be simple or complex, depending on your situation.  A will helps protect all that you have worked for throughout your life. A will is a tool to keep your collection of items from going to the state and or being subject to a bunch of legal fees.  There is a lot of information on the web about making a will.  A will should be a part of your Personal Exit Plan.

NOTE: The information on this web site or the packets of information provided to those who invest in the Academy, the education gained is not to provide any type of legal, medical, or financial advice.  Any legal advice should be obtained from a licensed attorney, accountant, or doctor.  The information here and in the packets is written to assist people in gaining a broader perspective about life.  The information and questions will challenge your thoughts, attitudes, and perspectives.

Your experience will raise your levels of thinking. This includes your past, current ideas, and future accomplishments.

If you DO NOT have a Personal end-of-life Exit PlanWhy NOT?

What will you leave for those you love?  A vast, stressful mess or a loving, thoughtful overview of your life.

Get started on developing your confidential, Personal Legacy Builder Academy program or Personal Time Capsule. You will gain a newfound comfort.

Don’t be afraid of what could create transformational change in your life.

To get the most out of the program, read the first couple of blocks of the Home page. Then listen to the short video series. Write down in a notebook, the new thoughts that will be triggered.  Next, continue reading the Home page.

Start today. The first free gift is the transcript of the first eight short videos. This contains the 60 questions you get to detail your answers to. This provides a new path in expanding how you think about life. The 2nd gift includes the 1st 4 of the 15 personal exercises to broaden your mindset. Finally, the 3rd Free Gift is a Life Plan Check List.  Find out how prepared you are for the future. Any time you see the PLB Logo, it is a link for ordering the 1st FREE gift. See more details regarding the free gifts at the bottom of the About page.


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